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For anyone seeking better orgasms, novel experiences, and heightened pleasure – sex toys are a must-have in your bedroom arsenal.

Of course, with fun comes some work.

Sex toys need to be properly sanitized between uses.

After all, they’re exposed to some of your most intimate spots, and are easy homes for bacteria if not cleaned properly.

Our favorite toys can be a lot of fun, but they’re also easy vehicles for bacterial infections and sexually transmitted diseases. There’s nothing sexier than a well kept sex toy, but nothing less sexy than an unhygienic one.

The Problem with Cleaning your Sex Toys

Most of us hear this spiel all the time. Health warns usually accompany anything to do with sex. We all probably intuitively know we have to keep our sex toys clean, but the reality is that post-orgasm, running off to the kitchen sink to scrub your toys down is probably the last thing on your mind.

You could leave your toy for cleaning at a later time, but that’s not the brightest idea. A biofilm of bacteria could form on your toy within hours – and if your toy has crevices or any hard-to-reach places, that biofilm may be challenging to eradicate come time for your next play session completely.

It’s simple: Cleaning toys immediately after using them can be a real buzzkill, but it’s vital if you want to maintain your pleasure toys for the long run.

If you don’t clean them regularly, you’re exposing your sex toys to a whole host of germs and yeast, including STDs like chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, bacterial vaginosis, HIV, and hepatitis B/C.

Most sex toys come with recommended ways to clean their products from the manufacturer, but most manual cleaning techniques don’t protect against all of the above. Especially if you’re not the best at giving your toys a thorough scrub as they need.


The Best Way to Clean Your Sex Toys

If you’re looking for a lazier, easier, and more thoroughly effective method for cleaning your sex toys – one that’s discreet and doesn’t require you to get dressed to head off to the kitchen or bathroom and doesn’t require much energy – then look no further than the UVee Clean.

Introducing the UVee Clean

UVee Clean Black model

The UVee is a cleansing, charging, secure storage unit, all in one. It’s a lockable box that discreetly houses your toys while charging them and disinfects them with UV-C light. This patented technology has been scientifically tested by a Harvard research microbiologist and can kill up to 99.9% of all germs that may cause infection and disease.

Besides being far more effective at germ killing than traditional sex toy cleaning methods, our favorite thing about the UVee is how easy it is to use.

Just wrapped up a fun romp with your favorite pleasure toy? Ready for a good ol’ post-orgasm snooze? You don’t have to worry about getting out of bed to clean your toy – with an UVee unit sitting on your nightstand, you can roll over, give your toy a quick wipe down, toss it in the UVee, and set and forget.

The UVee cleanses your toys with UV-C light and can thoroughly purify your toy in as little as 10 minutes.

With such a fast turnaround, the UVee is also the perfect cleansing option for those who want to share their sex toys. You can use your toy, clean it in 5 minutes, then whip it out again for your partner. No one has to leave the bedroom!

The UVee also charges your motorized toys as it cleans them, so you are less likely to experience the devastating disappointment of whipping out a dead sex toy.

Lastly, the UVee is a lockable storage unit, making it a multi-solution for the sex toy owner – and one of the best ways to clean sex toys!

Storing Your Sex Toys

Besides from keeping toys clean, another factor in sex toy maintenance is properly storing them.

Most toys are made of silicone, so it’s best not to store them with other silicone products – as silicone with silicone will result in a chemical reaction leaving your toys melted or disfigured.

Silicone toys can also attract dust and other dirt. The most common way of keeping sex toys – in your nightstand drawer jumbled up with each other, and other mismatched objects – is also one of the worst storage options.

If you have to keep your toys in the drawer, make sure to place them individually in little satin baggies. Satin won’t leave fluff on your vibes and butt plugs, but if you don’t have satin bags, then you can use cloth.

Stay away from plastic bags and Tupperware, as many sex toys are porous and will absorb chemicals leached from plastic over time.

With UVee, storing your toys becomes ridiculously easy. As the unit is an all-in-one solution, cleaning and charging your toy becomes the same as storing them. The UVee also locks with a pin code, so your toys are stored as securely as possible, keeping your intimate toys a sexy little secret.

How to Use the UVee HOME Play

The UVee HOME Play unit is capable of holding, cleaning and charging up to three toys at once, perfect for keeping close at hand in your bedroom.

 various sex toys inside UV cleaner

That probably sounds pretty good right now, but just how easy is it to use?

Here’s the rundown: keep your UVee somewhere close to your bed but within reach of a wall charger. The UVee needs to be plugged in to work.

When you’re ready to clean your sex toy in the UVee, first give it a wipe down with a baby wipe or other sex toy specific wipe (such as Swipes’ Lovin’ Wipes, then place it under the UV-C lights in the UVee unit before closing, and optionally locking it. If you want your toy to charge, make sure it’s plugged in before closing the lid.

Also, if you’re storing multiple toys in your UVee at once, make sure they’re not touching – or are stored in between the HOME Play's dividers.

Wait 10 minutes. Your toy will be sanitized and ready to go!

Learn more about HOME Play:

How Does The UVee Work?

The UVee kills germs on your sex toys using UV-C light – but how on earth does that work? It’s time to recall some high school-level Biology 101.

The UV-C light technology used in the UVee kills 99.9% of germs on sex toys by breaking down the cellular walls and DNA of bacteria, effectively rendering them lifeless. UV-C breaks down these cells so well that there is no possibility of the bacterial population recovering, meaning it not only cleans your toys but eradicates any population residing in a biofilm.

Speaking of biofilms, many motorized sex toys have hard to reach crevices, or corners. When testing the UVee’s effectiveness in a lab environment, the UVee remained 99.9% effective at eradicating any germs living within crevices and hard-to-reach spots when compared to other cleaning methods.

The UV-C light technology remains effective across a spectrum of popular sex toy materials. It kills 99.9% of germs on toys made of platinum silicone, jelly, ABS Plastic, medical-grade silicone, and glass – making the UVee perfect for cleansing all pleasure toys.

The UVee was also tested against commonly used bactericidal foams, and sprays – used for cleaning sex toys. Across the board, the UV-C light outperformed against the major problem bacteria and was 2-5 times more likely to kill germs than the competing sprays, and foam cleansers.

Popular Adult Toy Cleansing Methods VS. The UVee

Without the UVee, most sex toy users clean their toys in the following five ways:

  1. By hand, in the sink, with warm water and soap
  2. In the dishwasher
  3. Soaked in boiling water
  4. With sex toy specific foams, gels, sprays, and wipes
  5. With bleach or alcohol

Cleaning Sex Toys In The Sink

The efficacy of washing toys in the sink is only as strong as what you put into it. Most people washing their toys in the sink do so too quickly and without enough tough scrubbing. Crevices are often neglected, especially on motorized toys that aren’t waterproof. This makes sink washing less effective, as bacterial biofilms can still form in the spots you didn’t get to.

Cleaning Sex Toys In The Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a great alternative for the time poor or lazy. Simply throw your toy in with your cutlery, and dishes, then let it cleanse through a normal cycle.

There are, however, threefold cons with using a dishwasher for cleaning your sex toys:

  1. Dishwashers use very hot water and disfigure softer toys or damage motorized ones.
  2. They don’t get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, leaving your toys vulnerable to biofilms.
  3. Dishwashers are part of a household’s public facilities. If you share your house with roommates, or family, then it’s not exactly a private way to clean your adult toys. It’s easy to forget you left your dildo in there, and have a friend come across it when they’re looking for a clean glass. Talk about embarrassing!

Cleaning Sex Toys in Boiling Water

Many people figure that soaking toys in boiling water is one of the more effective ways of sanitizing their sex toys. However, it’s also one of the most damaging. Motorized toys, even if waterproof, will probably not survive being boiled for minutes.

The same goes for toys made of materials that will melt at high temperatures – which is pretty much all sex toy materials, bar steel. Some people simply pour boiling water over their toys instead of letting them soak to circumvent melting. This is incredibly ineffective. 

High temperatures can only kill germs when exposed for a longer period of time (think minutes, not seconds). All in all, we can’t recommend using boiling water to sanitize your pleasure toys.

Cleaning Sex Toys With Specific Cleansers

As mentioned above, when it comes to the scientific studies done to test the effectiveness of foams, gels and sprays in comparison to UV-C light, the former doesn’t kill 99.9% of bacteria.

In fact, we saw percentages as low as 30% when it came to bacteria up against common foams and gels.

The UVee is proven to be 2-5 times more effective at killing germs than these cleansing agents.

Cleaning Sex Toys With Bleach or Alcohol

It figures that if bleach and alcohol are potent antibacterial agents, and commonly used to sanitize bathrooms, kitchens, and other super dirty spaces, that they must be effective at sanitizing our sex toys, right?

Well, yes and no.

Bleach and alcohol effectively kill bacteria, but they’re terrible for your body – and terrible for your sex toys’ welfare. Bleach and alcohol can disfigure toys and often destroy the surface material of most adult toys.

They can also affect your body’s pH balance – resulting in vaginal and anal health issues. Yet another method that we can’t recommend.

When it comes to the UVee, it’s not the only most effective bactericidal in this list, but it’s also the easiest sex toy cleansing method. We figure there are very few cons, but we don’t want to risk sounding biased. Still, here are some potential downsides:

  1.  The UVee needs electricity to work (it’s not as mobile as other cleansing methods).
  2. There is a limit to how many toys can be stored in it at once (although the HOME Play allows you to sanitize and charge up to 3 large toys).

Sex Toys that Love The UVee

All sex toys can be easily sanitized by the UVee, barring perhaps large, bulky products, but even the Magic Wand can fit into the HOME Play!

Here are some of our favorite sex toys that are easily stored in the UVee.

The Womanizer

The Womanizer is a revolutionary toy for those who love a memorable clitoral orgasm. It uses patented ‘pleasure air’ technology to tickle your clit indirectly with soft but firm pulsating waves. Its soft silicone tip in which your clit sits snugly; then, with air pulsations (the mode and patterns of which you can control), you’re brought to a gentle but mind-blowing orgasm.

To sanitize the Womanizer in the UVee, remove the nozzle, wipe it down, and then wipe down the hard plastic body separately. Then, reassemble it before throwing it in the UVee. 

You can charge the Womanizer while it sanitizes. Just make sure the charger is plugged in. Remember, silicone and silicone don’t mix well, so keep the nozzle of your Womanizer separated from other silicone toys in your UVee. To save space, you can forgo sanitizing the body of the Womanizer and just sanitize the silicone tip.

clitoral sucking toy

Mio Ring by Je Joue

A C-ring is a must-have for couples who enjoy penetrative sex and are looking for a way to make an erection stay harder for longer. Most C-rings are simple rubber bands – which, frankly, can get quite uncomfortable.

Not the Mio Ring: it’s made of soft-to-the-touch but firm silicone. It’s also motorized with multiple vibration modes to choose from. These vibrations will get the wearer harder and stay hard. They’ll also add a buzzing sensation to the partner getting penetrated. All in all, the Mio Ring will enhance intercourse and the resulting orgasms!

To sanitize the Mio Ring, simply clean it with a wipe or damp cloth then throw it in the UVee. You can charge the Mio Ring while it cleans by making sure it’s plugged in.

The Mio Ring is silicone, so make sure it’s not touching other silicone toys in your UVee. If you have the HOME Play, you can make sure the Mio Ring is in its own divided area.

mio ring

Sync by We-Vibe

This is one of our favorite toys for enhancing PIV sex for both partners involved. The Sync is a double stimulator; it has both an internal and external arm, both of which vibrate. The bottom arm sits against your G-spot and allows room for penetration, while the top arm sits over your clit, ensuring that orgasms will occur during play. The arms are silicone and flexible, allowing you to tweak how the toy sits, making it a toy that fits most shapes and sizes.

To sanitize the Sync, simply wipe it down and place it in your UVee. Plug it in to charge while you clean! (Learn more about how to clean vibrators!)
double vibrator

Helix Syn by Aneros

For those with a prostate, the Helix Syn is the prostate massager you need in your life. A wearable, extended butt plug of sorts, the Helix Syn is designed to massage you directly on your prostate.

A hands-free device with a rigid frame and velvety soft silicone surface, the Helix Syn delivers both extreme comfort and excellent prostate orgasms. The Helix Syn is perfect for both beginners and advanced users looking for a prostate massager.

Depending on how visibly soiled your Helix Syn is after you use it, you might want to either wipe it down or give it a quick rinse under the tap before putting it into your UVee.

aneros helix syn

Fin by Dame Products

If you’re looking for a discreet, wearable vibe that merely enhances your already skilled hands – then try the Fin.

Wearable on your fingers, the Fin has one side that delivers pinpoint-focused vibration and another side that is soft and squishy. You can wear the Fin so that it provides vibrations through your fingers, giving you the option to apply the fun of Fin via skin-to-skin contact only.

The Fin is great for partners exploring each other’s erogenous zones with playful hands, so it can be easily swapped between partners to use on each other.

As the Fin is great for sharing, it’s essential to practice good hygiene during play. Before swapping the Fin over to your partner (or vice versa), wipe it down, and put it in your UVee for 10 minutes. After that, it’ll be clean and safe to use!

fin vibrator

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The Best Way To Clean Your Sex Toys? With a UVee Unit!

The UVee is a revolutionary way to clean your toys more easily and effectively than manual cleaning methods.

Orgasms are good for you, and one of the best ways to increase the number of orgasms in your life is to use toys to enhance your pleasure. Stiil, orgasms should also be clean and safe.

Reap all the benefits of sex toys, and none of the possibly nasty downsides, by keeping your sex toys super clean with the UVee. Let the UVee do the cleaning work for you and eradicate 99.9% of the germs your toys are exposed to (especially those other sex toys!) If you’re looking for jaw-dropping, clean orgasms, then the UVee is for you!

 vibrators charging inside UV sex toy cleaner