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Do I have to turn my UVee system on?

How do I stop the sanitizing process during a cycle?

How do I program my lock?

How do I know my UV-C bulbs are working?



How long does the sanitization process last?

How do I know my UV-C bulbs are working?

What should I do before I put the toys in the system?

How does the UV-C light work?

If I don't share my toys why do I need to sanitize them?

What bacteria does the UV-C light kill?


How many toys can I charge or store in each unit?

Can I put all my toys in the UVee?


How long will my toys stay charged?

Are the USBs in the systems always charging?

Technical Support

What is the shelf life of the bulbs and how do I replace them?


What is the warranty on my UVee system?

What do I do if I have a warranty issue?