Butt Plugs: No Ifs, Ands, or Buts!


The Complete Guide to Butt Plugs

As much as we all love to make light of butt play, the truth is that the anus, both externally, and internally, is a pleasure vortex of sensitive nerve endings.

There’s a reason that butt-related sex toys are so prolific: anal stimulation, whether it’s rimming, or prostate massage, can feel wonderful. If you’re new to anal play, and are looking to try out sex toys specific to anal stimulation, then look no further than the humble butt plug.

Whether you’re looking for a rimming sensation that will knock your socks off or for a prostate massage that will bring on your best ‘O’ face, there is a trusty butt plug out there just for you.

Butt wait, there’s more!

In this Complete Guide to Butt Plugs, we’ll cover the basics of the butt plug, and how best to use them. We’ll also delve into recommendations for finding the best butt plug for you, and we’ll cover all of the ins-and-outs (pun-intended) of butt plug maintenance and hygiene.

Want to learn everything there is to know about butt plugs? Buckle up and keep on reading!

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What Do Butt Plugs Do? What are Butt Plugs For?

So, what is a butt plug anyway? And why should you use one instead of, say, a dildo or vibrator?

Butt plugs are anatomically different from dildos and vibrators, and while those are more suited to the ins-and-outs (again, pun intended) of penetration, butt plugs are more of a ‘plug and play’ toy.

A butt plug is designed to stay in, flaring out at the base so that it can comfortably sit between your butt cheeks and not budge. It’s also designed to stay out – allowing for play without fear of losing a toy inside of you.

Depending on what kind of stimulation you’re seeking, the part of the butt plug that goes inside can either tickle your prostate or stimulate your butt hole. Some butt plugs are for stationary use (especially those that press against the prostate), while others are equipped with motors and vibrate.

Of course, you can still use butt plugs for classic penetration; they’re simply less intended for that than dildos and other penetration-focused toys.

But where butt plugs shine is how they feel when plugged in.

A butt plug can stay in during other play. Whether you’re penetrating while getting your prostate massaged, or enjoying some rimming while getting penetrated yourself, or even if you’re going solo, the added stimulation that a butt plug brings will help to maximize your orgasms.

How To Use a Butt Plug

Depending on the type of experience and stimulation you’re seeking during play, the best way to use your butt plug may vary. We’ve broken down the most common reasons for using a butt plug during solo or partnered sexy times and how best to use your plug to get the most out of it.

And remember guys, a stimulated prostate can give you the best orgasm of your life! And there are lots of benefits to a great orgasm!

First of all, let’s cover the universal basics:

Start Slow (Really Slow).

It’s important to remind yourself that the anal canal is nothing like a vaginal canal. It can be a lot more fragile and less easy to relax. It’s important when doing any anal play to start slow and accept your body’s reaction.

There are two rings of muscle around your anus, and together, they are called the sphincter. You can try to relax the outer layer of your sphincter, but not the inner layer.

Make sure to play a little with your butt plug and go slow before trying to go all out. Use plenty of lube and massage the outside of your anus, gently dipping in slightly when you feel more at ease.

When you can tell that your entire sphincter has relaxed and is ready to go, then slowly insert your plug.

Get Comfortable

When inserting a butt plug (or any object into your butt, for that matter), a comfortable position can help tremendously with keeping your sphincter relaxed. As for which one, try as many positions out as you can and see how your body responds.

Try laying on your back with pillows behind you, or have your legs up bent towards your torso, or on all fours in a doggy position. You can try lowering yourself onto your plug or inserting it slowly from behind when curled into a fetal position. Whatever position helps your butt relax the most is the position for you.

Don’t be afraid to do some experimenting, and depending on how crazy you go, you may also want to do some stretching.

Now, onto the specifics:

For Rimming

There are butt plugs specially designed to stimulate the anus directly via rimming sensation (see our recommendations below). These are often vibrating butt plugs that vibrate specifically where the plug tapers, just before it flares out.

If you want to stimulate your anus externally but not internally, a vibrating butt plug may still work for you. Lube up your plug and press its vibrating body against your anus as you see fit.

For Prostate Massage

If you’ve got a prostate, trust us when we say you should definitely stimulate it. Get a butt plug that’s designed to reach that special spot. You can tell prostate massage plugs apart from the others, as they’re generally longer and curved.

While stimulating your prostate, you may want to have other areas pleasured to enhance the fun, or you may want to focus on the prostate alone – everybody is different.

For G-spot Stimulation

The wall that separates the colon from the vaginal shaft is relatively thin, and because of this, some people find that butt plugs can massage their G-spot. If this is the case for you, try out a plug either on its own or when penetrated vaginally. Butt plugs can add a whole new dimension to vaginal stimulation by reaching those hard-to-reach spots through the back door.

For Preparing for Anal Sex

Some butt plugs are designed to prepare you for full penetration. The tapered end of a butt plug helps with this by easing your sphincter open rather than with blunt force. If you’re using butt plugs to ready yourself for full penetration, then remember to go slow.

You might want to get a set of butt plugs that ascend in size. There are butt plug kits designed this way for this very purpose. When you’ve got your plugs ready, lube up and gently insert the plugs in ascending order. Don’t try to put a plug in straight away; make sure to use that gentle dipping motion we mentioned earlier. It will help your sphincter relax, making it able to accept the next size up.

For Extra Sensation During Penetration

This can work both ways. You may wish to penetrate a partner while receiving extra stimulation by wearing a butt plug, or you could be vaginally penetrated while wearing a butt plug to increase the amount of internal stimulation you’re receiving.

Either way, wearing a butt plug during intercourse can be a hell of a lot of fun. There are apparent best practice tips here: butt plugs shouldn’t be shared between partners during a session without sanitization between swapping.

It’s crucial to find the right-shaped butt plug for you and one that stays put during vigorous movement. Depending on your own anatomy and how much you like to clench, you may have to try differently weighted toys to see what’s best for your butt.

(Butt plugs aren’t your thing? No worries – we have The Complete Guide to Sex Toys to make sure you stay satisfied.)

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Do’s and Don’ts of Butt Plugs

DO use plenty of lube

Unlike the vagina, the anal cavity doesn’t self-lubricate. If you try using a butt plug – or receiving any anal penetration – without using lubrication, you can expect to experience pain and discomfort, and you may end up sustaining injuries.

Friction is the least sexy thing you can introduce into an anal play sesh. Make sure that whenever the butt plug comes out, the lube goes with it. We recommend laying down a towel (or sex blanket, if you will) before lubing up. It’ll enable you to be more liberal with your lube, as you can put to bed your worries over making a mess.

Trust us: you’re going to need to use a LOT of lube.

DON’T use silicone, with silicone

Most butt plugs are made of, or at least coated with, silicone. Avoid using silicone-based lubes with silicone toys, as like-with-like results in a messy situation. Silicone can deform and even melt when introduced to other silicones, so stick with water-based lube when playing with your plugs!

DO take regular breaks

Leaving your butt plug in during a particularly long romp may seem like a great way to enhance the experience. However, keep in mind that most plugs can decrease the blood flow in your colon due to their size and shape. Thus, it’s important to take your plug out and give your butt a break after about 2-3 hours of usage.

If you notice any prolonged discomfort, pain, or bleeding while you have your plug in, then take it out immediately and don’t try again until another day. If you’ve torn anything or injured yourself, you need to give your body some rest and recoup time – and might even want to see a medical professional.

DON’T use numbing creams

There’s a reason for pain and discomfort: it’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re damaging it. Some people like to shortcut discomfort and pain when getting into anal play and use numbing creams and sprays to do this. This is always a bad idea.

You are more likely to injure yourself when using numbing agents, as you won’t be able to respond to any discomfort. If using a butt plug or receiving any anal penetration or massage, stay away from numbing products.

DO try an anal cleansing routine pre-anal play

While not mandatory, cleaning your colon pre-butt plug and other anal play helps to keep your sessions free of unwanted bodily fluids. You can purchase anal douches or enemas online, at most pharmacies and drug stores, and even some adult stores.

Never douche with harsh chemicals or soaps – just use water, and do your douching in the shower to help wash away anything that might rear its head. We won’t delve too deeply into anal cleansing here, but why not peruse the internet for one of the many comprehensive how-tos on preparing for anal play?

Get a Better Butt-er Butt Plug! 

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The Best Beginner’s Butt Plug

Amos Anal Plugs by Vamp

If you’re only just entering butt plug territory, then why not start small? Vamp’s Amos Anal plugs come in various sizes, all of which are slim – making them ideal for beginners.

You could stick with whichever size you like or buy the whole set. As mentioned above, having a set of plugs that increase in size can help you ‘train’ for more vigorous penetration. These anal plugs are made of soft, flexible silicone and are best paired with a water-based lube.


Je Joue Nuo Vibe by Babeland

Looking for a discreet, vibrating butt plug that you can customize with a phone app? Look no further than the Je Joue Nuo. Smooth, easy to use, and great for beginners, this vibe-come-plug is ideal for exploring the wonders of gentle, buzzing stimulation.


The Best Sensational Butt Plug

Helix SYN by Aneros

Don’t be too intimidated by its size. The Helix SYN by Aneros is designed to reach the prostate and boy, does it hit it well. Its body is rigid but finely coated in soft silicone, making it the perfect fit for a mind-blowing prostate massage.

Designed to be hands-free, you can plug it, leave it, and see what prostate stimulation can do for your bedroom romps.

helix aneros syn


B-Vibe Rimming Plug

More interested in rimming than anything else? This B-Vibe Rimming plug is specifically designed to stimulate you in a rimming motion. This plug will rim you in your most sensitive anal region using small rotating balls just beneath its soft silicone surface. The entire plug gently vibrates, ensuring you’re getting served in every special spot possible.

rimming plug


Icicles No. 46 pyrex prostate/G-spot plug

This Pyrex butt plug is easy on the wallet, and ideal for those looking to massage their prostate, or G-spot, on a budget. Its Pyrex material means it’s also lightweight (for those on the move) and easy to clean. You can use just about any kind of lube with it. You can even throw it in the dishwasher to clean it.

Caring For Your Butt Plug

A butt plug is a best friend and should be treated as such. If you enjoy your butt plug, make sure you get the most out of it by taking care of it between uses. Maintaining hygiene and good storage practices will not only increase the longevity of your toy, but it’ll also save you from infection, nosy friends, or family.

There are a few things to consider when figuring out how best to care for your butt plug:

Butt Plug Hygiene

It probably will come as no surprise to you that butt plug hygiene is paramount. Apart from the obvious (it goes in your butt, duh) any sex toy – including the butt plug – is an ideal vehicle for spreading infection and bacterial nasties.

Never share a butt plug between partners without a quick cleanse, and butt plugs should never, ever be left to fester on a bedside table post-play sesh. Ensure you have a strict hygiene routine for your butt plug that you can use during sex and straight after.

(In fact, make sure all of your sex toys are being properly sanitized!)

When building your routine, consider your needs: can you wash your butt plug in the nearest sink, or do you have lurking family members or housemates?

Is your butt plug made of a material that is dishwasher safe, and is a dishwasher safe to use depending on who has access to it?

Are you extremely lazy and need a straightforward bedside cleaning solution?

While handwashing or dishwashing your butt plug may work for most of you who have the energy or privacy, there is an alternative for those of you who don’t.

That alternative is the unique hi-tech sex toy cleaning solution called the UVee. It’s a storage and cleaning system all-in-one. A UV-C light powers the UVee, so after playing with your butt plug, you can roll over in bed, toss it in the UVee, simply set, and forget.

The UVee can disinfect your butt plug in 5-10 minutes, making it an excellent option for partners who share sex toys as well. Wait a few minutes, and you’re good to go!

UVee Clean white model

Butt Plug Storage

While we’re on the topic of storing your butt plug, we want to take a moment to remind you that making a home for your sex toys is not only important for privacy reasons but also for maintenance.

Depending on what your butt plug is made of, it may react negatively to being stored alongside other toys (for example, silicones tend to lose shape when up against other silicones), or it may weather over time when exposed to sunlight, dust, or everyday bacteria. Keeping your butt plug clean doesn’t stop at the cleansing stage; your butt plug needs to be stored safely to ensure it stays sanitized between uses.

Throwing your butt plug into your bedside drawer is a surefire way to dirty it and even break it – so heed our warning! Try using a satin baggie to keep your butt plug in or even a storage box. Keep away from most plastic Tupperware, as plastics may leach chemicals into your more porous toys over time.

There are storage solutions specific for sex toys and butt plugs. The UVee is one of them. As we mentioned before, it’s a storage and cleaning solution in one.

The final feature of the UVee makes it perfect for keeping your motorized butt plugs: it allows you to charge your butt plug while a PIN code locks it away. Never experience the disappointment of whipping out a dead vibrator; always have your motorized butt plugs ready to go by charging them while you store them.


Depending on how private you need to be with your butt plug, you may want to consider storage options that are secure. For example, the UVee is lockable via pin code, so your butt plug is guaranteed to stay a bedroom secret.

If you don’t have the means to purchase yourself a lockable storage unit, try keeping your butt plug stored in a secret place (perhaps under the bed, or in a shoebox in your wardrobe). Some butt plugs are discreet enough that you don’t have to worry too much if discovered.

If you are bound to have prying eyes find anything you try to keep private in your room, having a butt plug that looks less like a sex toy and more like an indiscriminate piece of tech might be the best route for you.

Discreet butt plugs are great for on-the-go toys for this reason as well. If you’re carrying your butt plug in your purse, or luggage, bringing one along that’s neither massive or obvious is probably the best idea.


While our behind often ends up the butt of jokes, it’s time to admit that all those nerve endings, and special spots, are indeed magical to play with.

As with any toys introduced to the most intimate of settings and bodily places, there are plenty of best practice tips – and even rules – you should adhere by. In a nutshell, we encourage that you use plenty of lube, go slow, and build a thorough hygiene routine using the best possible cleaning tools.

For anyone who’s curious about butt play, we hope our Complete Guide has provided you with that gentle push you needed to grab a butt plug of your very own. We guarantee that your new toy will help you to experience everything your G-spot, or prostate, and overall ‘derrière’ has to offer.