The Ultimate Pleasure Toys for Women


Find yours.

When it comes to finding the right toy for you, anatomy matters.

Your body is not only unique to your sex, but the way it responds to stimulation is also personal. Finding a sex toy is a bit like finding a glove; it has to not only fit, but it has to feel exactly the way you want it to.

In this article we cover the best pleasure toys for women; ones that tickle the clit, massage the G-spot, and ones that touch you in all the right places, all at once.

When you’ve found the toy that answers your prayers, it’s best to take good care of it, so we cover hygiene, and maintenance for each toy as well. Read the full guide to cleaning your sex toy.

UVee Clean has you covered.

The Best Female Pleasure Toys

Womanizer Deluxe

For the woman who wants a gentle, but mind-blowing clit experience.

The clitoris is a bit of an enigma; it’s a bundle of sensitive nerve endings, and when touched just right, it can deliver memorable orgasms – yet, if touched too much, or in the wrong way, it can feel downright uncomfortable – or even painful!

The Womanizer Deluxe is a sex toy that aims to please, without any of the discomfort that other clitoral vibes might result in. It’s the only toy using PleasureAir technology. The Womanizer stimulates the clit indirectly with pulsating waves.

Your clitoris will be gently sucked into a silicone nozzle where it’s exposed to gentle pulsating, without any direct touching.

Discomfort and pain in the course of achieving your clitoral orgasm will be a thing of the past as long as you have The Womanizer Deluxe!

Cleaning the Womanizer Deluxe

The Womanizer Deluxe is made up of two materials: a soft silicone nozzle, and a hard plastic body.

The nozzle is the only part that really sees much action during a session; so that’s what you should be cleaning more thoroughly.

As the hard plastic body is motorized, and not over-exposed to fluids, it can be simply wiped down with a warm, damp cloth (not wet!)

As for the nozzle, you’re going to want to clean it with more vigour. Silicone can be washed in warm soapy water, in the dishwasher, or in a sanitizing unit.

If washing your nozzle in the sink, simply submerge it in warm water, use a hypoallergenic – or other gentle – soap, and scrub it lightly with a cloth. Allow it to air dry, or pat dry with a towel that won’t leave lint on the silicone.

If not properly dried, bacteria can easily form. Additionally, soap and water does not usually clean as thoroughly as necessary. 

If using a dishwasher, place the nozzle in the cutlery basket so it doesn’t get lost. If your dishwasher uses very hot water, you may want to avoid using it on your nozzle – just in case. (Not a recommended form of cleaning a sex toy) 

Sanitizing and Thoroughly Cleaning The Womanizer

As for a sanitizing unit, we always recommend the UVee.

It’s a storage, and hygiene solution, all in one. Simply place the entire Womanizer in the box, and switch it on.

The UVee uses UV-C light to sanitize the toys stored in it. Simply set and forget, and your toy will be sanitized in 5-10 minutes.

If your Womanizer is noticeably gunky, or soiled after a session – try wiping it lightly with a damp cloth before throwing it into your UVee.

Vesper Necklace

For the discreet woman, on the move.

The Vesper Necklace is the world’s first wearable, multi-speed vibrator. With a stainless steel finish, and an overall elegant design, this vibe passes as a fashionable statement necklace without issue.

Rechargeable by USB, and with 4 speeds to choose from, this vibe is perfect for the busy bee who wants to keep something fun close at hand.

Cleaning the Vesper Necklace

As a stainless steel, but motorized device, it’s best to not get too much water involved in the sanitization of your Vesper Necklace.

You can either wipe your Vesper down with a damp cloth, and a smidgen of gentle soap, or you can, more easily use the UVee, which will sanitize it with UV-C light; ensuring no water damage is done.

When drying your Vesper, if you’ve exposed it to water, try polishing off with a microfiber cloth to keep the steel shining, and fresh.

Tiani 2 by LELO

For the woman who wants to enhance penetrative sex.

The Tiani is a wearable device which enhances penetration for both parties involved. The Tiani sits comfortably; stimulating the woman both vaginally, and externally.

It leaves enough room for penetrative play; meaning that the Tiani is the perfect toy for the woman who likes to share.

With a sense motion remote, The Tiani allows for playful manipulation of the sensations it produces. The remote mimics the vibrations of the Tiani, so you can cycle through your options with better insight.

The Tiani is made to fit comfortably regardless of your unique body, with built-in flexibility allowing you to manipulate how the toy sits.

It also includes an attachment for G-spot massage.

Order Your Tiani

Cleaning the Tiani by LELO

The Tiani is made from firm silicone, and is waterproof. As such, it can be washed by hand, in a dishwasher, or sanitized in a sanitizing device.

If washing by hand, or in a dishwasher, make sure to wash all components thoroughly, including the remote, which can get involved in the action during play. Allow the Tiani to air dry when done. If you don’t have the time to do that after EVERY use, use an absorbent (and clean) flannel to pat dry, or…

If using a sanitizing unit like the UVee, why not charge your Tiani whilst it is being cleaned? Simply feed your charger through the unit so the your Tiani is sanitized and recharged, simultaneously.

Perfect for anticipating a second round of play after a 5 minute rest. Yes!

Tango by We-Vibe

For the woman looking for a vibe, on-the-go.

The Tango is a discreet, cute vibe that looks a little bit like a stick of your favorite balm. The flat edge is unique to the Tango, and allows for more flexibility as to where on your body you apply the massaging effects.

Don’t let the cuteness fool you, the Tango delivers a deep rumble of a vibration, and it’s all concentrated at the tapered tip. You can use this vibe alone, or in tandem with other toys to add an extra intense buzz.

Cleaning the Tango Sex Toy

The Tango is made from a body-safe, thermal protective plastic. The body is also waterproof, making cleaning the Tango a rather straight forward affair. You can hand wash the tango, or put it in the dishwasher – although with the latter, we always err on the side of caution when it comes to motorized toys.

Dry your Tango in the dish rack, or by patting dry with a towel or flannel. It’s a durable product, so you don’t have to be too careful with it.

However, soap and water alone doesn’t always, or even usually, rid your pleasure product of nasty bacteria.

Our favourite method for cleaning the Tango is to plug it in, and store it in the UVee, where it’s fully sanitized by UV-C light in 5-10 minutes, while it recharges.

We like the convenience of cleaning a vibe in a unit that also locks it away and charges it. It allows for extra privacy, and also enables you to clean it without leaving the bedroom.

With a sanitization process that takes as little as 5 minutes, leaving bed might not be necessary at all. Why not clean your vibe whilst continuing to play?

Your Tango will be ready to be whipped out in just a handful of minutes, after all.

Sync by We-Vibe

For the woman who needs a custom fit.

If you’re looking for a toy that both massages you internally (specifically your G-spot), and externally, then try out Sync by We-Vibe.

Sync can be adjusted to any body’s unique shape. There are two adjustable parts of the Sync that allow you to customize how the Sync presses on the inside, as well as on the outside.

Not everyone’s magic spots are in the same place, and not everyone wants the same amount of pressure.

Once adjusted to fit just right, the Sync stays in place no matter how you toss, turn, or change positions – making it the perfect toy for enhancing PIV sex with a partner (for all involved).

(Get more advice on how to use sex toys, care for sex toys, and have a sexier life, on our blog!)

It has 10 different vibration modes, making it even more personalizable. Those different modes can be cycled through via a remote which can work from up to 9 feet away – giving you some cheeky, freaky options for play.

Cleaning the Sync Sex Toy

The Sync is made from 100% body safe silicone, and is fully waterproof, meaning it’s very easy to clean. You can wash in warm water, with a gentle soap, or use a sanitizing unit like the UVee. As previously mentioned, we probably wouldn’t put it through the dishwasher, as it’s motorized, and regardless of it’s being waterproof, the heat of a dishwasher could do damage over time.

If you’re short on time and wanting to share the Sync, you’ll need an UVee Clean unit, which can sanitize your toy in just 5 minutes – so no one has to wait for long.

Never share a toy without sanitizing it first!

Mio Ring by Je Joue

For the woman who wants her partner to go harder, for longer.

Sometimes, pleasure for women is all about enhancing their partner’s performance. When it comes to PIV sex, C-rings are a great way of doing just that.

The Mio Ring by Je Joue is an elegant, flexible C-ring with vibration modes that guarantee to tickle her from within, while keeping him harder for longer.

Mio is super easy to slip on and wear, making it a fairly straight forward, and easy beginner’s toy to introduce to your regular play sessions.

Cleaning the Mio Ring

The Mio is made of 100% waterproof, body safe, silicone. Like the other waterproof silicone toys on this list, the Mio can be washed in warm water, and soap, or for those who truly want to stay clean and stay safe, sanitized in the UVee.

A fully charged Mio can last 2 hours before it needs a recharge, but sometimes your toys are dead just when you need them most. That’s why the UVee, which both sanitizes and recharges, is a bit of a godsend for toy enthusiasts.

If cleaning the Mio with water, it’s best to air dry, as silicone can be a bit of a lint and fluff attractor. Unless your partner wants to have bits of fluff all over him, it might be best to be patient and wait for the Mio to dry on its own.

Le Wand Pleasure Toy for Women

For the woman who wants mind blowing clitoral orgasms. Because we all know the health benefits of having an orgasm!

There’s a reason that the wand is one of the most famous, talked about, beloved pleasure toys for women; it’s incredibly easy to use, easy to manipulate, and therefore – easy to achieve jaw-dropping clitoral orgasms.

Its flexible, swiveling head responds so well to way that it is held, it’s no wonder that the wand is one of the most famous toys for solo play. (Not that Le Wand can’t be introduced to partnered sex as well).

Le Wand has a long handle, with buttons allowing you to adjust the vibration mode, as well as customize with your own vibration patterns. The long handle allows for comfortable manipulation of the flexible, soft, but firm head on the end of Le Wand.

It’s this head that delivers the pleasurable buzz to your clitoris; guaranteed to curl your toes.

Cleaning Le Wand Adult Toy

When it comes to Le Wand, it’s only really the head that sees much action. For this reason, the head needs to be cleansed thoroughly, whilst the handle can be wiped down with a clean, damp cloth.

As the head is attached to the rest of the unit, and the Le Wand is not fully waterproof, you’re best off washing the head with a damp cloth as well. You’ll want to use soap as well to be more hygienic.

Having said that, due to how careful you have to be with cleaning Le Wand, it’s better to use a dry sanitizing option – such as the UVee, with it’s UV-C light.

Also, when it comes to battery life, Le Wand’s charge works out at about 3 hours of charging for 3 hours of use. That’s a long charge, and whilst some of us may say that 1 hour of charge to an hour of play is enough, any woman who enjoys clitoral orgasms knows that it’s better to aim for longer sessions; just in case you get carried away.

For this reason, the UVee is a great complimentary device to use with Le Wand, as it can cleanse the whole product whilst providing charge, meaning you’re less likely to have a dead Le Wand on your hands when you’re next ready for fun.

Lily 2 by LELO

For the woman who wants to carry a discreet massager in her purse. Because, why not?

The Lily 2 is a cute, jelly bean shaped massager that fits in the palm of its user’s hand. It’s perfect for solo play, or for a partner to use on you.

It’s designed to massage externally, and the buzzing vibrations can be gently applied to just about any external erogenous zone, but of course is perfect for clitoral stimulation.

The Lily 2 has 8 different vibration patterns to choose from, and boy – do they pack a punch. It’s also rechargeable via USB, making it the perfect toy to haul around on short trips, or long ones.

If you’re a busy woman in need of something unidentifiable, easy to use, and small and sleek – then look no further than the Lily 2.

Cleaning the Lily 2

The Lily 2 is made of hard, but smooth ABS, body safe plastic, and is waterproof. It can be cleaned with warm water, and soap, or you can use a toy specific antibacterial soap.

It is easily sanitized in the UVee whilst it charges.

Although the Lily 2 is discrete, if you’re bringing it along with you on business trips or the like, keeping it in the UVee GO Unit which locks with a pin code gives you that extra level of security to ensure your Lily 2 is kept private.

Hula Beads by LELO

For the woman who enjoys a dirty little secret

The Hula Beads are remote controlled pleasure beads that can be used in a number of ways. The beads rotate, and vibrate simultaneously, resulting in a unique sensory experience.

The top bead can be inserted whilst the lower half can be used to stimulate you externally, or – if you’re looking for a kinkier experience, the whole thing can be inserted and worn internally.

Discreetly wear your beads as a secret that you might keep to yourself, or share with your partner (who you may want to equip with the remote). The vibration is almost inaudible; so you can wear them wherever you like without being found out!

The Hula Beads are a playful, kinky pleasure toy that can be used as a vibe, or as a wearable. The options for play seem endless!

Cleaning the Hula Beads

he Hula Beads are of course, waterproof, and can be washed in the sink with warm water and a gentle soap that won’t cause you irritation next time you play with them.

They are better sanitized by UV-C light – and with the UVee, simultaneously stored, and charged.

Muse Pleasure Product for Women

For the woman who likes clitoral stimulation, and cute things.

The Muse is a discrete, adorable clit massager. Looking more like a bunny eared knick knack that you might display on your shelf, this toy will melt you with cuteness, and powerful vibrating ears.

Each vibrating ear sits on either side of your clit, giving you indirect, toe-curling stimulation. The Muse ends up feeling more like an actual toy that you can tote around, rather than an obvious sex toy.

For this reason it’s a great toy to bring with you on trips, and a great toy for breaking the ice when sharing with a partner who you’ve yet to use sex toys with.

The adorableness of the Muse makes it less intimidating than other clit massagers, and as such is a great first time toy for beginners, and partners looking to introduce toys to their bedtime play.

Of course, don’t let the bunny-like cuteness fool you; this toy has 10 different vibration modes that are guaranteed to deliver fantastic clitoral orgasms.

Cleaning the Muse

The Muse is water resistant, but not 100% waterproof. For this reason you don’t want to submerge it totally in water when washing it.

The silicone ears are the only real part of the toy that gets exposure to bodily fluids, so this is where you want to focus your hygiene routine.

Try using a damp cloth, and a tiny bit of soap to wipe down the ears, then rinse under a slight stream of running water.

If you’re wanting to play it totally safe and totally smart; avoid water altogether by using UV-C light as a water-free sanitizer. Simply store in the UVee and have your Muse sanitized and ready in 5-10 minutes. The charge isn’t great with this toy, so you’ll want to charge it as you store it to avoid disappointment.

Which Female Sex Toy Will You Choose?

Achieving orgasm as a woman is more of an art, than a science. Every woman’s body is different in some way, and as such it takes specific technique, and specifically designed pleasure toys, to achieve the desired effect.

See our list of recommended sex toys here!

We hope this comprehensive list of our recommendations for the perfect pleasure toys helps you find your next big O-face product.

Whether you achieve the most pleasure from intense solo play, or from subtle accompaniment to your partnered sessions; there is a perfect pleasure toy out there for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and of course – as with all sexual pleasure – pay attention to your body, and don’t be afraid to demand what you need, from your self, your partner/s, and your toys.

All we suggest is that if you find the right toy for you, to take the best care of it. Whether you develop a fantastic in-sink scrubbing technique, or invest in hygiene technology, take as good care of your pleasure toys as they do of you, and your sexual satisfaction. Your health depends on it.

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