Best Sex Toys for Men

Because Men Deserve Amazing Orgasms

This might not make me the most popular person on the planet, but here we go: men are prudes.

That’s right – I said it and I meant it.

Now, before you jump on the comments section and tell me how wrong I am, let me explain.

There are many subjects out there about which men are not prudes. Some have no problem detailing their latest intimate sexual conquest or disclosing the most graphic details possible of the latest black-out night on the town with the guys. This is, what some would say, par for the course for many men.

But there is a subject that, for a reason we can’t figure out, is extremely taboo to many men. We’re here to help stop the madness and bring this oft-maligned subject out into the open where it belongs.

Can’t stand the anticipation? Allow us to get to the climax (pun-intended): men are prudes about owning sex toys.

Don’t agree? Think about it: when’s the last time you heard your buddies discussing their new cock ring?

Yeah, that’s what we thought. Never.

Sex Toys Are Not Just for Women

When you think of the world of sex toys, the first image that comes to mind for most are phallic-shaped objects aimed specifically at a woman’s pleasure.

Dildos, vibrators, and anal toys abound in sex shops, and most men won’t even look (or admit to looking) at them, let alone consider their use.

Most men see sex toys as something “for girls.”

But we’re here to tell you: sex toy use among men, even if they may not be openly talking about it, is much more common than you might think. Ridiculously common, even.

the best helix sex toy for men

Time to Prove It

Some studies estimate nearly half of men own some sort of sex toy, with cock rings standing out as the favorite.

These numbers should be taken with a grain of salt as they obviously skew toward younger and more sexually progressive men, but it’s too big of a sample size, and statistical significance to ignore.

And since you're reading, we’re guessing that you’ve also thought about buying one, too.

So Why Are Male Sex Toys Still Taboo?

We know that the interest is there. The numbers exist to back it up, but the big question remains: why is it still so taboo for men to talk about sex toys? Why can’t men just admit they want to double their pleasure and fun?

Conflicting ideas of masculinity and pleasure could be an explanation. But fear not: there has never been a better time to be a sexually curious man, and there are plenty of great options out there for men looking to up their pleasure game.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best sex toys for men.

How We Populated the List

Reviews, magazines, top-10 lists – you name it, we scoured it to create this list. But what we found is that the world of sex toys is just too large to pick any top toys in a willy-nilly fashion.

That’s why we’ve separated the male sex toy realm into three categories to help us better make better recommendations. The three categories are:

  1. masturbators
  2. anal toys
  3. cock rings

Each of these categories features a stand out sex toy for men, and a description of why you should consider adding it to your arsenal of orgasms.

Ready to get down and dirty? Here we go:

The Best Sex Toys for Men

Masturbators for Men

Masturbating with your hand – we’re guessing it’s something you’ve been doing since you first discovered you could. While a decent hand-held stroke can get you where you want to go most of the time, sometimes you need to call in the big guns to help you have big fun. That’s where sex toys come into the picture.

Though sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, one of the most popular for men are those that encircle the penis and are utilized with a stroking motion.

These can be called masturbators, strokers, sleeves – whichever you prefer is fine with us. But with so many choices on the market, how is possible to pick the right one that will not only make it easy to get off, but also easy to get on with your day after your play session?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers

Men absolutely love the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Intense Ticklers. Why, you may ask, is this the stroker of choice?

Allow us to elaborate:

It’s reversible. Yes, you read that right.

The outside features the Intense Ticklers, while its inside offers unique sensations to your penis while stroking. This can help touch places that have never quite been touched and bring you mind-blowing orgasms with the simple flick of a wrist.

The Price

A simple Google search will tell you that sex toys can be pretty expensive, which is why we constantly advocate keeping them in the best shape possible: clean and secure. But a great sex toy doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective, and the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker shows that. Selling at under twenty dollars, it’s affordable and adorable – and you can’t beat that.

Ease of Use

Like most masturbators, the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker is simple and easy to use. Simply lube it up, put it on, and stroke it out. And thanks to it’s skin-safe rubber construction, clean-up is a breeze. Simply rinse under water and dry to remove any remaining *ahem* “material” and place into your UVee unit.

In just a few short minutes (perhaps by the time your refractory period has ended), you’ll be ready for round two with a clean sleeve that’s ready for another stroke.

Anal Toys for Men

There have been volumes written on ways to stimulate the main male member, and with good reason, but to forgo the butt, so to speak, would be an egregious error that we simply can’t abide.

That’s because, along with the penis, the anal region of a man’s body is chock-full of those pleasure-inducing nerve endings that exist to help you get wherever you need to go. Sex toys can help you take full advantage of everything nature has given to you.

While there are some men who are content with simply placing a vibe or other stimulation-inspiring article around their anus, frequent sex toy users swear by spelunking inside and stimulating the almighty of pleasure centers: the prostate.

But to do that properly, and safely, you need the right toy to help you get inside and get it done. And for many men, the right toy, the only toy, the toy - is the Aneros Trident Series Helix Male G Spot Stimulator.

Aneros Trident Series Helix Male G Spot Stimulator

Why is the Aneros Trident so highly rated? Well, for starters, it gets the job done.

This hands-free prostate massager features a variety of design features including an aggressively angled head, new Trident arms in the shape of a W, and a contoured body that makes it the perfect choice for those who are experienced in the ways of penetrative anal play and those who are decidedly beginners.

A truly versatile toy, it can be used and utilized in many different ways, including by simply tensing your pelvic muscles once inserted. This action helps to put pressure on the prostate, which in turn, can lead to mind-blowing Os (sounds like a sexy cereal).

As this and other penetrative toys explore some of the most bacteria-rich areas of our body, it’s important that you choose a toy that’s made from a safe material that can be cleaned easily. Luckily, the Aneros Trident is made of non-porous, FDA-approved, medical-grade plastic, which while sturdy and strong, still needs to be properly cleaned.

But You Must Sanitize!

Since most toys have many nooks and crannies, a truly deep clean is not easy to achieve with conventional means. That’s where the UVee comes into play. Thanks to its breakthrough UV-C light technology, the UVee HOME Play can handle toys that plumb the depths of pleasure.

After using your Aneros Trident, simply wipe it down and place it inside your UVee. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a sanitized prostate massager that’s ready to go round two with you. Trust us, don’t mess around with the bacteria back there.

sex toys inside UV light cleaner

A Note to Anal First Timers:

Look – we get it. There are many men out there who are uncomfortable with anal play for a variety of reasons. But you owe it to yourself to consider adding an anal toy or prostate massager to your toy repertoire. There are plenty of other toys out there that are highly rated and safe to use. If you’re curious or considering being curious, do yourself a favor and start exploring.

Trust us: millions of satisfied men can’t be wrong.

Cock Rings

Why did we pick the Mio Ring by Je Joue as our favorite in the cock ring category? Well, because of its all-around versatility. This durable and rechargeable toy does everything you need and want a vibrating cock ring to do, but just a little bit better than everyone else. Here’s how:

Mio Ring by Je Joue

It’s multi-purpose

The Mio Ring by Je Joue doesn’t look like any other cock ring on the market, and that’s for a good reason. Unlike its fellow unitaskers that make up the c-ring aisle at your favorite adult novelty retail show, the Mio does double duty – serving as both a spectacularly stretchy cock ring and as well as a vibrating stimulator for your partner. Or yourself. Whatever you do with it, we guarantee you’ll have fun.

It’s a nice piece of tech

You don’t think of a sex toy as being high tech, but we have to say, in the world of sex toys, the Mio Ring by Je Joue might just carry with it our favorite tech specs. That’s because the surprisingly strong motor features five different speeds and seven pulsing vibrations, allowing you to customize your pleasure precisely the way you want it. The USB quick-charging battery and its long-lasting performance make the pleasure last long into the night (and possibly the next day).

It’s made of durable materials

The best sex toys are made from the best products. Mio’s silicone construction makes it durable, long-lasting, and stretchy to accommodate a man of just about any girth. The silicone is also an easily cleaned material when treated with UV-C light in the UVee.

A cock ring is great because you can use it just for yourself or share it with a partner. For those more sheepish men who don’t want to buy a toy for themselves, it’s a great cover to be able to say it’s “an investment for both of you.”

Now that you’ve read our list of best sex toys for men in each category, it’s time to talk about sex toy care and cleanliness – something neglected in these conversations. Here’s a quick list to help you make sure you’re doing everything right when it comes to keeping these vibrating little friends in tip-top working shape.

cock ring

Don’t Mix Certain Materials

As we talked about in our previous post How to Store Sex Toys, the way you store your sex toys can be just as important as the way you use them. Certain materials cannot be stored together (like more than one silicone toy), and no toy should be stored all willy-nilly in a bedroom drawer or closet space. That’s how damage happens, which usually results in a ruined toy.

The best way to store your sex toys is to keep them in a discrete and safe receptacle so they’re ready for use the next time you get the urge. The UVee is the perfect choice.

Not only does the UVee use a patent-pending UV-C light storage system that effectively kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs that may cause infection, but also provides a safe place for your toys to rest and charge – literally doing double duty.

Notice that we used the term ‘safe’? In this case, it has a double meaning.

Safe Meaning #1

In this case, we literally mean safe. That’s because, like a safe, the UVee HOME Play unit allows you to set a lock, resulting in the ultimate discretion for your toys. No more worries about nosy roommates, parents, or houseguests finding out about your kinks.

Plus, the convenient sizes of the UVee can easy fit atop a nightstand or even in a drawer to keep your toys out of sight and out of mind, but still safe and sound and within reach for when the mood strikes.

Safe Meaning #2

Toys rubbing up against each other or up against clothes, jewelry, or other items that might litter your dresser drawers can be a nightmare for the condition and cleanliness of your favorite orgasm-makers.

That’s what makes the UVee such a convenient piece of equipment. The unique design allows you to separate toys in the unit so they aren’t touching, and storing them safely while sanitizing, for the best possible results. It’s truly a win-win.

Don’t Allow Bacteria to Fester

Let’s be frank: most sex toys are enjoyed in places on the body where bacteria thrives. Warm, moist places are what bacteria like most, and your intimate areas are full of them.

The minute your play session ends and you put your toy in time-out, bacteria begins to grow, which, if gone untreated, can result in some nasty infections brought upon by your next use.

So the answer seems obvious right? Clean your toys.

But getting your toys truly clean isn’t as easy as you might think. Soap and water is effective, but it is easy to miss nooks and crannies. Plus, not all toys can stand up to the rigor of a good scrub.

  • Throwing in the dishwasher or a pot of boiling water is also an option, but this is a good way to ruin expensive toys that feature electronics or sensitive materials.
  • Sex toy specific wipes are also an option, but they’re rife with user error. Even a missed millimeter of space can wreak havoc on your immune system.

That’s what makes the UVee such a powerful tool. Not only is it safe for most materials, but it kills up to 99% of bacteria in a matter of minutes, all while charging your electronic toys so you’ can play safe and sound next time you’re ready.

Sound too good to be true? In this case, it isn’t.

The UVee line of storage solutions is the market-leading sex toy cleaning system – and something no toy enthusiast should be without.

Don’t Accept Less

We’re betting that you wouldn’t waste money on a phone case that didn’t properly protect your phone, or insurance that didn’t properly cover your car. And that’s because you’re smart about your investments. These things cost money and you want them to last and be protected.

UVee units offer superior protection for your toys, as well as added benefits like charging capabilities, locked storage, and more. For the casual user or the sex toy enthusiast, it is the perfect solution. Besides, what could be more precious than the things that bring you consistent pleasure night after night? As you make your way down the journey of collecting and using sex toys, think about how you want to store and keep them safe.

If it seems like we’ve taken men to task in this article for not being open or ready to talk about sex toys, we hope we didn’t come off too harsh.

It’s just that we know that there are so many great sex toy options out there for the guys and we want each and every person - regardless of gender - to maximize their pleasure and keep their tools of choice as safe as possible. 

Whether you decide to bite the bullet and grab one of the toys from our list of the best sex toys for men, or you venture out and find something that piques your own interest, remember: don’t be ashamed. Sex toys exist for a reason, and we’re guessing that plenty of your buddies own and use them regularly, even if they don’t always admit it.

So go forth, men, and enjoy all that the world of sex toys have to offer. But be sure that you always play safe and clean, by utilizing a UVee storage system to keep your sex toys in tip-top shape.

Just make sure you think of us during your next mind-blowing orgasm.