The Science

“UV-C technology destroys cell walls and DNA to the point of no recovery for the bacterial population that are exposed to the UV-C rays.”

Scientifically tested by a master biochemist with years of experience in laboratory testing, UVee’s scientifically proven, patent-pending UV-C germicidal light system kills 99.9% of bacteria associated with the use of adult toys that may cause infections.

Bacterial Background Information

The following provides pertinent information on the bacteria used for testing: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus sp., Gardnerella vaginalis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Candida albicans. Each of these organisms has been implicated in causing issues with vaginal and anal health, or have clinical relevance to the intention of the product.

Material Testing and Validation

This component of the study brings a higher level of validity, in terms of bactericidal effects, to UVee. With material testing against the UV-C lamps, this study ensured that it will be generally effective on the materials tested. Another aspect to consider in this study is the effect of these UV-C lamps on biofilms. Users of adult toys might likely not clean their toys immediately after use and because formation of biofilm may occur within a few hours, testing of this is essential. In this study we looked at how effective UVee is against biofilms formed after 12 hours.

Crevice Testing and Validation

While biofilms are a natural way for bacteria to persist in an environment, bacteria can easily make it to crevices and cracks and folds that are built in to many of the toys used by consumers. This study was set up to determine how effective UV-C rays are in reaching these crevices and eliminating bacteria there. Results again were 99.9% effective.

Crevice Testing and Validation

Experiment involves testing the efficacy of the UV-C on the Magic Wand. Following experimentation, the data suggests the UV-C lamps are sufficient to demonstrate bactericidal effects within 5 minutes on both the small and large Magic Wand products.

The time of UV-C light exposure in UVee was 5 minutes, which is effective (up to 99.9%).

Comparison to Gel Foam and Spray

This experiment was created to compare the effectiveness of cleaning toys with gel foams and spray cleaners against the measure of bactericidal efficacy demonstrated by  UV-C. Besides rinsing with water and soap, gel foams and spray cleaners are common ways to clean toys after use. In this experiment, the bactericidal efficacy of gel foam, spray cleaning, and UV-C exposure was tested against 6 bacteria of interest on 5 different materials (platinum silicone, jelly, ABS plastic, Medical grade silicone, and glass). The findings are that overall UV-C are more effective at killing these tested bacteria on the materials tested than using gel foam and spray cleaner. UV-C bactericidal effect is anywhere from 2 to 5 times more effective at eliminating Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans than gels and sprays.