The 8 Best Prostate Toys for Beginners and Experts

Guaranteed to give you that Super-O!

Here at UVee Clean, we think - "Sometimes you just have to try something new."

And when it comes to prostate toys, whether you are a seasoned pro or a first-timer, we have the toys for you.

Gone are the days where you could only get low-quality sex toys down some dark alleyway in a sketchy shop. Sex toys aren’t secrets that you have to hide away in your sock drawer anymore. These days they can be works of art that you show off on your nightstand.

And guys, for those of you who haven't tried it, you need to give up any taboos you have about anal play. These prostate toys can make you orgasm harder than you ever thought possible!

So if you’re ready to see what the finest in modern design and technology can do to bring you a huge prostate orgasm, keep reading.


4 Best Prostate Toys For Beginners

1. Aneros Helix Syn

Simple. Dependable. Never going to let you down.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager



What is it?

The name Aneros is almost synonymous with what we think of as simple but well-made prostate massagers today. Think about it as the Kleenex of prostate toys.

This company started out making medical products for prostate stimulation and now has branched out to create all sorts of high-quality toys for premium prostate play. The original products are made out of a medical grade plastic, but the new Syn line of massagers is coated in a thick layer of silicone for a softer feel.

You’ll probably notice that the Aneros devices look like some kind of weird alien with tentacles. There’s a reason for that. The part that goes inside you is specially designed to be easily inserted and manipulated using muscle contractions. The other two parts are a handle for easy removability and a premium tab, which provides extra amazing stimulation to the area between your anus and scrotum.

Why is it so great?

Unlike some of the other massagers on this list, the Aneros Helix Syn is dead simple. There are no fancy buttons to press. It doesn’t need charging. It's inexpensive. It’s practically bombproof, and it even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

That simplicity is exactly what a beginner needs! Prostate stimulation can take a while to get used to, and the Aneros Helix Syn gets out of your way to let you really feel the pleasure with no distractions.

The Aneros Helix Syn is a bit on the slim side, so that makes it perfect for more inexperienced men just starting out trying prostate massage. Some smaller massagers require constant pressure to stay in place, but the Aneros Helix Syn is perfectly shaped to stay in place through even the most mind-blowing orgasms. Perfect for when your hands are busy or you don’t want to be distracted by holding on to your massager!

You could think of this prostate massager as a set of training wheels. It’s here to guide you through your first experiences in the magical world of prostate stimulation, but as you become more experienced, you might want to move on to bigger (literally) and better (vibrating) things.


  • Super easy to clean - throw it into your UVee Clean for a speedy and thorough purification!
  • Inexpensive
  • High quality and durable
  • Perfected medical grade design
  • Not intimidating


  • A bit slim
  • More seasoned prostate pros may call it boring

Best for:

Beginners to prostate massage who are not quite sure about their preferences. By giving you a pure prostate massage experience, you can figure out for yourself what kinds of bells and whistles you might want to try out next time.


2. DocJohnson Mood Naughty 2 Butt Plug

Comfortable. Discrete. More than “just a butt plug.”


Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Silicone Anal Plug


What is it?

DocJohnson is a sex toy company based in the good old U-S-of-A since 1976. The Mood Naughty 2 is the second in their popular line of butt plugs aimed at beginners. While the first line was strictly practical looking, this new iteration is available in more colors and has some extra features.

What is the difference between a butt plug and a prostate massager, you ask? A butt plug is a unisex toy that is generally used to stretch your butt and give it a sense of fullness. A prostate massager, on the other hand, is specifically designed to stimulate the male prostate and give otherworldly orgasmic sensations. Both are awesome, but they have different goals.

So why am I including a butt plug in this list of prostate massagers?

Well, because the Mood Naughty 2 is a two for one deal! It’s a butt plug that is specially shaped to give you crazy prostate stimulation!

Why is it so great?

The bulbous, curved shape of the DocJohnson Mood Naughty 2 perfectly presses against your prostate without being too big for a beginner to handle. It’s also extremely flexible, so it bends with your body and you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself with hard plastic.

But the best part of this prostate massager masquerading as a butt plug has got to be its base. Unlike the flaring base of the Aneros, the DocJohnson Mood Naughty 2 has a flat base. It has two thin parts that nestle comfortably along your perineum and between your checks and keep it in place.

That means you can wear it for extended sessions and almost anywhere! Now I'm not suggesting that you wear it to the dentist...but  it might make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable if you know what I mean.


  • The slimmer size makes it easier for beginners
  • Smooth insertion
  • Can be boiled or put inside a UVee unit for cleaning
  • The sleek design makes for a comfortable wear


  • The silicone has the potential to retain some odor

Best for:

Beginners who would like a comfortable prostate massager that can be worn for long periods of time or during intercourse.

3. Lilo Billy Vibrating Prostate Massager

Sleek. Luxurious. Powerful vibrations.

LELO Billy 2 Prostate Massager

What is it?

Lelo is one of the very first high-end, designer, luxury, sex toy brands. And when I say luxury, I REALLY mean luxury. We’re talking 24 karat gold sex toys here. These are the people you come to when you want to orgasm with style.

Luckily for your pocketbook, the Lelo Billy is not made of pure gold, but a beautiful high-grade silicone.

The buttery smooth, hypoallergenic phthalate-free silicone and flared base make the Lelo Billy a safe choice for your body. It’s also not too big to fit in. The Billy is a slightly curving prostate massager, without all those bumps that you might be used to seeing in other toys. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel just as good... if not better!

Why is it so great?

The Lelo Billy is perfect for a beginner’s entry into vibrating prostate massagers.

It comes with five different vibration patterns that are easily accessible through a well-designed control pad. In addition to the five patterns, there are also several levels of intensity so that you can find the perfect combination that pushes you right over the edge.

While some vibrators might disappoint you by being too weak, the Lelo Billy won’t let you down. You’ll feel these vibrations not just in your prostate, but deeply throughout your groin. Or, if you want to tease yourself, it can be turned down to a low vibration until you just can’t take it anymore!



  • Can slip out a bit during use
  • Not completely waterproof

Best for:

Beginners dipping their toes into the wild waters of vibrating prostate toys. With so many different vibration combinations, you’re sure to find the one that’s just your style!


4. Rocks Off Naughty Boy Vibrating Massager

Rockin’ fun. Unique. You control the pleasure.



Rocks Off Naughty-boy Double P Spot Silicone Massager


What is it?

Rocks Off is a UK based sex toy Company that definitely makes some of the most uniquely shaped prostate massagers around. The most famous of these is the Rude Boy, but the Naughty Boy is it’s smaller cousin with a more forgiving and slimmer profile.

It is a c-shaped flexible silicone massager that curves to tantalize your prostate while adding a little extra attention to your perineum at the same time. Top it all off with an insertable bullet vibrator and you are good to go!

Here's how to use a Rocks Off prostate toy: All of Rocks Off’s prostate massages are meant to be used with their signature rocking action. So you slide it in, sit down on it to apply pressure, and literally rock yourself off to a one-of-a-kind orgasm.

Why is it so great?

I don’t know about you, but unless you’ve been diligent with your yoga lately, it can be a bit difficult to stretch your arms all the way behind your ass to move a prostate massager around while thinking sexy thoughts. The Rocks Off Naughty Boy solves that problem.

Instead of relying on the strength of your internal muscles or manual manipulation to provide massage to the prostate, the Rocks Off Naughty Boy gives you a third option. By rocking back and forth you can completely control how fast and how hard you want the tip to thrust against your prostate. It’s a pretty genius design.


  • Option to insert bullet vibrator for extreme intensity
  • Rocking motion design allows hands-free operation
  • Can be sterilized easily
  • Slim size is perfect for beginners


  • Doesn’t stay put if you are not sitting on it

Best for:

Beginners who don’t have a lot of flexibility, who want hands-free thrusting action, or just like the idea of rocking to a hard orgasm.


The Overall Best Prostate Massagers For Beginners?

Drumroll please..

It's The Aneros Helix Syn!


Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Massager



Well, the Aneros has lots of advantages over other options for beginners.

  • It is slim enough to not be painful for first-time prostate explorers but still shaped perfectly to hit the right spot every time.
  • It does not slip out of place and can be used for a hands-free orgasm.
  • The Helix Syn is made out of a high grade, medical silicone that is soft and doesn't retain odor.
  • Aneros provides a lifetime guarantee for all of their products, and with how well they are constructed, they might just last a lifetime too. (Not that you’re going to want to pass your prostate massager down to your grandkids or anything!)

We also really love that there are no moving parts to break, and no buttons, vibrators, or chargers to worry about with the Helix. This is why it is so great for people just beginning their venture into prostate play.

Essentially, you’re in good hands with the Aneros Helix Syn. It’s an expertly crafted product that gets out of your way. It’ll teach you how to have full-body orgasms, and when you want to start trying out extras, you can always add them to your collection later.


4 Best Prostate Toys For Experts

1. NJoy Pure Wand

Nothin’ but metal. Targeted tool. More than meets the eye.



Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand


What is it?

The brand Njoy has the market cornered on high-end metal sex toys. All of their toys, including their prostate toys, are made with corrosion-resistant 316-grade stainless steel and hand polished to a blinding shine. If you want a toy that absolutely, positively won’t quit, Njoy is where you turn.

The Pure Wand itself looks like some kind of minimalist industrial tool. It is simply a long, curving, steel tube with two bulbous shapes on either end. But that simplicity is exactly what is so wonderful about this toy.

Why is it so great?

Ok, so it looks a bit intimidating, but since when have you ever let that stop you from putting things up your butt? This unique toy allows you to laser target your prostate for the absolute purest sensation. That's why this prostate toy is perfect for advanced users who know exactly what kind of stimulation they need.

Even with its simple design, this prostate massager is still hiding some tricks up its sleeve. For example:

  • The stainless steel can be warmed up or cooled down with ice for a unique temperature play experience.
  • The Njoy Pure Wand also has a smaller and larger end. Get loosened up with one side to start and switch sides when you are ready to be full to the brim!
  • Also, because the medical grade steel can be boiled and completely sterilized, it is the perfect toy to share with your partner. Everyone gets in on the fun!

Just like a craftsman has the perfect tool for every job, the Njoy Pure Wand is the perfect tool to pound your prostate with unrelenting force.


  • Beautiful high-grade stainless steel
  • Two size options on one toy
  • You have got to try temperature play


  • Its inflexibility requires more experience to deal with safely

Best for:

  • The advanced user looking for a frill-free prostate massager that will milk them dry. They must know how to prepare themselves for hard, unrelenting, steel.


2. Rocks Off Big Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager

Big. Bigger. Biggest.

 Rocks Off Big Boy Prostate Stimulator

What is it?

Are you ready for the big leagues?

Just like it’s smaller sized brethren, the Big Boy is a unique c-shaped prostate massager from the Rocks Off company. It is a silicone toy with the same insertable bullet vibrator as the other prostate toys in the range.

But there’s one big difference.


Not only is this toy thick, but it has three giant balls that will fill you up and stretch you out. Think you can take them all in?

Why is it so great?

If you’re the type of guy who has just never been satisfied by the smaller prostate massagers out there, then this one is exactly what you’re looking for.

When Rocks Off says BIG, they mean BIG. It’s so big that even some advanced prostate massager users have to practice to get all three balls in at once. But once you do, watch out, because you might never want to take it out again!

This prostate toy is designed to not only stimulate the prostate, but also the anal walls by pressing against them. The included vibrator adds a pulsing sensation that is the icing on the cake.


  •  Let's just say it one more time - it's huge.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Quiet so you don’t disturb the neighbors


  • Vibrations can potentially be too weak for the size of the toy

Best for:

This is definitely not one for beginners. The Rocks Off Big Boy is only for those guys who want the biggest prostate toy they can find!

3. Nexus Revo

Revolving. High tech. Intensify your orgasms.

Nexus Revo Stealth Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager

What is it?

Nexus, like Aneros, is one of the few premium sex toy manufacturers that predominantly caters to men. Maybe that’s why the Nexus Revo kind of looks like a joystick?

It’s a sleek black prostate massager that has your typical prostate targetting form. The Revo also has an end with little bumps to perfectly tease your perineum. There are several vibration speeds for you to choose from.

All pretty standard fare. Oh, but there is one more thing.


Why is it so great?

Sometimes nearly everything seems perfect with a prostate toy. It’s high quality, it has a nice curve, the vibrations are strong. There’s just one problem. You just can’t quite reach the perfect spot on your prostate to really get you going. A rotating head is sure to hit the right angle no matter where your prostate is located.

All you need to do is slide this bad boy in and the vibrations, revolving head, and perineum massager will take care of the rest.


  • Rotating head means your prostate has nowhere to hide
  • Multiple vibration modes
  • Targets three pleasure points


  • Some of the lower vibration modes can be a little weak


Best for:

  • Advanced users looking for a prostate massager that can hit spots they’ve never felt before.


4. Lelo Hugo

Wireless. Hands-free. Life-changing.

 Nexus Revo Stealth Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager

What is it?

When Lelo decides to do something - they do it well. That’s definitely the case with this prostate toy. The Hugo is well built, beautifully designed, and just plain powerful.

The C-shape is nicely smoothed out and covered in Lelo’s signature high-quality silicone. Instead of space inserting a single bullet vibrator, the Lelo Hugo has two extremely powerful vibrating motors that will rock your entire groin. Then, just for fun, Lelo gives you a wireless remote, which means you won’t have to do yoga just to adjust the speed on your prostate massager anymore. That also opens the door to extended wear and even naughty games with your partner controlling the remote.

You’re welcome.

Why is it so great?

Let’s start with the device itself.

It’s not often that you hear a guy complain that his prostate massager is “too strong.” The Lelo Hugo has two vibrators, and they are serious workhorses.

  • One motor is in the main shaft of the toy for direct prostate stimulation.
  • The second motor is in the part that curls around and massages your balls.

You can use them both at the same time, independently, and with more intensity and pattern combinations than any other toy on this list!

Now about the remote.

You might be thinking, what’s the big deal, I know how to use a remote. True. The Lelo Hugo remote works just like a regular remote. It has buttons you press to change settings. Simple enough right?

But it doesn’t stop there. The remote is covered in the same silicone covering that the massager is. Why? Because it can vibrate to match the patterns of the main massager too, so you can use it with a partner or anywhere else!

But get this! As if that wasn’t enough, Lelo’s SenseMotion technology means you can control the vibrations of the prostate massager with just a flick of the wrist. You can even shake the remote as if you were masturbating, and then the massager will thrust along with the rhythm of your strokes! I don't know about you guys but I get turned on just reading that.

If you were ever looking for a prostate massager that thoroughly takes advantage of modern technology, this is it.


  • Two independently controlled vibrating motors
  • Insanely powerful vibration
  • Best silicone in the business
  • Wireless control with Lelo's SenseMotion technology



  • There are none.
  • No, really.
  • Ok fine, it would be cool if the remote was rechargeable too.
  • Also, it’s pretty darn expensive.


Best for:

Anyone with a prostate. The Lelo Hugo is a bit too big for beginners, but once you’ve become a seasoned veteran in prostate play, this toy is sure to satisfy nearly every desire.  This is the prostate toy of kings.

Overall Best Prostate Toy For Experts

Can you guess?

It's EASILY the Lelo Hugo!

"Increase the size and intensity of the male climax by 33%!”

That’s what Lelo claims the Lelo Hugo can do, and by golly, I think they’ve done it.

I could go on and on about why I love the Lelo Hugo forever, but I know you don’t have time for that. So let’s just break it down.

  • Dual vibrators that are stronger than nearly every other prostate toy.
  • A seemingly infinite number of vibration settings and patterns.
  • Buttery smooth silicone.
  • Enough length and girth for expert users.
  • Remote control play.
  • Comfortable enough for longer wear.
  • Literally two toys for the price of one.
  • Crazy SenseMotion technology that makes controlling the massager seem like the best video game you’ve ever played.
  • A list of features that looks like Lelo set out to create the best device they could ever imagine to pleasure your prostate.

I could keep going, but you get the idea.

If you’re interested in prostate play (and I assume you are, since you are reading this) then the Lelo Hugo has something to offer you.

Just try it!

Now that you have picked out your perfect prostate massager - here are some tips and tricks on how to insert your new toy and hit that P-Spot just right!


That's All Folks!

Whew! Was that enough for you?

Choosing the right prostate toy is a deeply personal decision, and only you can know what will rock you to your bones. Take into account your experience, your size, and your willingness to experiment before you try out one of these bad boys.

Once you do, you’ll wish you had read this list sooner!