The Perfect Penis Pump

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Let's be honest guys, we care about how we look and perform in the bedroom. It's a big deal!  Well, at least we want it to be. Yes, guys who are less endowed can certainly provide their partners with great pleasure. Still, many men want larger, harder erections. Who can blame them? So, what do they try?  Supplements, stretching, surgery...or they can turn to a device, a device like a penis pump.

If you’re a man, you understand. Nobody wants to catch a look of disappointment on a lover’s face or feel embarrassed about revealing their equipment. What they do want is to wield a sword that makes them feel strong and confident.

Penis pumps make it possible to make your erection larger, harder and for you to last longer.  Who wouldn't want a boost in all of those categories?

A penis pump is a tested solution that can improve your confidence and sexual performance.  So, look no further. We’ve got a list of the best penis pumps you’ll find on the market today as well as answers to all of your questions regarding the use of these pumps.  Let's get started.

So...How Can a Man Increase His Penis Size?

There are a variety of attempts and products men have tried to increase size. There are pills, creams, diets and even manual exercises men can do that claim to increase the size of your member.  However, besides possibly promoting better blood flow, none of these items have been proven to work in increasing penis size.  Another option, one does have some validity, is the penis pump. There can be many health benefits from the use of a penis pump.  In fact, some men are able to obtain penis pumps with the help of their health insurance companies.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

A penis pump uses a vacuum to draw additional blood into the penis. The result is a harder and somewhat larger erection.  Your penis will definitely get bigger and harder after using the pump and you will definitely be able to see and feel a difference.  However, this increase is only after pump use and there is no evidence to show that this method can permanently increase your size.  To use a penis pump, simply stick your penis inside the tube and squeeze a bulb, turn on an automatic vacuum, or otherwise create suction. Different devices work slightly differently. Don’t forget the lube! This is important for your comfort when inserting your penis into the pump cylinder, and removing it.

Who Uses Penis Pumps?

There truly is no demographic that uses penis pumps more than any other. These are common with men who have varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, as blood drawn into the penis creates a large erection and gives you the ability to perform after use. At the same time, many men use them to increase pleasure for both themselves and their partners.  They can be used with your partner as part of your foreplay - allow your partner to control the pump.  Let them make you larger and harder while teasing you before intercourse.

They can be used to accommodate partners who would prefer to feel that larger size during sex.  However, a partner is not required.  Penis pumps make amazing masturbation aids, allowing you to get rock hard before stroking yourself or slipping into your fleshlight. They can be used with masturbation to train yourself to feel stronger and last longer in bed.   Some simply prefer the feeling of self-confidence they get when they can present with a larger, more fully-erect penis. Bottom line, nobody should feel as if they will be thought of as weak, small, or impotent for using a penis pump.  These pumps can be used by anyone to make sexual activity more intense.  So now you want to know...

What Are The Best Pumps?

Basics Trigger Penis Pump


basics trigger penis pump

Love Honey offers the Basics Trigger Penis Pump at just under 25 dollars. This is a fully manual unit, but it works very effectively. It’s also our choice for the best budget-priced penis pump.

The operation couldn’t be simpler. There’s a clear cylinder for your penis. The vacuum suction is produced by a trigger device that is squeezed to remove air from the chamber. The suction is what moves more blood into your penis, helping you to achieve the desired results. There’s a video on the linked page that demonstrates this. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The cylinder has a ruler to help you measure your growth.
  • The entry point is made of silicone for an airtight and smooth entry.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • The unit comes with safety instructions.

For something that works simply, and is very inexpensive we were quite impressed. Customer feedback was also very positive. One small complaint was that it was difficult to enter the cylinder without at least a partial erection.

Hydro7 Water Pump


Hydro7 Water Pump

At nearly 110 dollars, this one comes in on the opposite side of the price spectrum. In fact, it’s our priciest recommendation, and it works a bit differently from the other models. The Hydro7 uses water rather than air!

To make the pump work, you fill it with warm water, insert your penis, and press it tightly against you. Water will come out the tip of the unit, and that causes the vacuum pressure. Continue to pump to increase the pressure, as well as the size and girth of your erection. The company claims that water works faster than air and that the Hydro7 is 250% more efficient than a traditional pump.  The average growth after use was between 1 and 3 inches!

Check out these features:

  • Ergonomically shaped base to create a better seal against your body.
  • Watertight valve to maintain adequate pressure.
  • See-through cylinder with measuring gauge.
  • Water provides equally distributed pressure rather than simply impacting the tip of the penis.

We really enjoyed testing this one. It did feel more comfortable and gentle than some other air-based options. Most customer reviews reported seeing nearly instant results. The only issue here is that you have to be in a place where you can leak water.  So it works great in the shower and the bathroom but it can be a bit of a mess if you are trying to whip it out in the bedroom.

Executive Big Man’s Pump

executive big man's pump

Why would a well-endowed man need a penis pump? First, men with large penises can have increased difficulty in getting enough blood flow for a full hard erection. Other men, simply want to be bigger than they already are, either for their own esteem or their partner’s preferences. For some people big is good, and bigger is even better. That’s why the Executive Big Man’s Pump is available.

This pump features the standard, trigger-style mechanism with an oversized cylinder to accommodate a larger man. It has a nice and simple quick-release valve. The nice thing too is that it can fit almost any girth.

We found that this device did a very adequate job of adding both length and width. There’s enough room in the cylinder for even a very large man to expand quite nicely.  We liked that it is less than 33 dollars, so it's a large pump without a large price.

Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump


tracey cox automatic suction pump

If you want the fun of a larger, harder erection, while you lie back and relax, try the Tracey Cox EDGE. BTW, if you aren’t familiar with Ms. Cox, she’s a writer who specializes in very frank talk on all things related to sex and romance. So naturally, we are a big fan. Now, the price of the device is 99 dollars, however, it is automatic.  This means your forearms can get sore from other more fun activities rather than from pumping.  And you will love that, with little to no work, this pump can increase the size of your erection by as much as 30%.

We think this pump works really well and were impressed by the intense strength of suction. We were afraid that it would be weak without manual pumping or water displacement but it definitely wasn't. We were also impressed with the accessories:

  • Tips from Tracey Cox For Maximizing Your Performance.
  • A Compatible App With Timer For Improving Your Stamina (Also From Tracey Cox).
  • USB Rechargeable Pump.
  • Silicone Donut That Provides a Tight Seal.
  • Low Medium And High Suction.
  • One Attachment For Growth And Another For Pleasure

Black Jack Stroker


black jack stroker

Most penis pumps are made with a relatively wide cylinder to help men increase their size. The Black Jack Stroker is just a bit different. It has a textured sleeve that fits inside of the penis pump that strokes you while the pumping action helps your size and stamina. It has a vibrating action in addition to the pumping, and an opening that resembles a mouth. The pump mechanism is a simple squeeze bulb.

Overall, we really had a lot of fun with this. It’s very unique and provides a great masturbatory experience. The only negative was that it can be a bit difficult to clean. Still, the experience is worth the extra effort. It’s less than 95 dollars, and should make your shortlist!

Get Hard Power Pump


get hard power pump

The Get Hard is a motorized power pump with automatic start and a quick air release. It also has a beautifully sleek and streamlined design. It has three levels of suction to choose from and a flanged base. What is really nice is that it is wireless so that you aren’t tethered by a plugin and, get this... it costs less than 47 dollars.

This is a very decent unit. We tried it out, and it tested really well overall. Just be patient using it, you'll need to experiment with the suction until you find just what you want.

The Automatic Smart Pump


automatic smart pump

There is certainly not another penis pump on this list that looks quite like the Automatic Smart Pump. It has a unique, bullet-like shape, and black stripes marking off measurements. It features three modes to exercise your penis and what is really nice is that the automatic pump starts with just the push of a button. Fully charged, the pump can run up to 80 minutes - which is a wonderful battery life compared to other pumps.

The high amount of suction was intense and drove us crazy.  What was also crazy were the results after we finished using the product - it got us huge. This thing has amazing reviews for a reason. One of the only complaints we read was that the cylinder itself should be wider - so girthy guys beware. Still, this is an amazing pump for just under 100 dollars.

Is An Automatic Pump Better Than Manual?

So this really depends on your personal preference and what your goals are. An automatic pump can provide a relaxed, hands-off experience. On the other hand, you don’t get much variety in strokes or intensity. Some people may find that it feels a bit ‘robotic’.

Hand pumps can take a bit more work to operate, but you have more control over the process. You can really vary your speed and intensity. You’ll also never have to worry about charging a manual pump, or finding a place to plug it in.

Do Penis Pumps Make You Bigger?

flexing bicep

Isn’t this the most pressing question? There’s a good reason most pumps are clear. Everyone wants to see the penis pump before and after. Yes, penis pumps can increase your size. Just be realistic. It’s not going to give someone with 5.5” a 10-inch penis. Still, you can expect an increase in size. Many men actually find that they are even happier with their increased stamina and the feel of harder erections than the size increase.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Again this question brings a bit of hopefulness with a dose of realistic expectations. Penis pumps can absolutely produce a bigger, harder erection. However, for many men, the results aren’t permanent. If you want repeated results, you’ll have to use the pump again. Fortunately, many men are just fine with that.  Why?  Because it feels good to use it and it builds anticipation for the events to come.

You can also use the pump to improve your performance. With this high degree of stimulation, you will learn to pace yourself and control your orgasm.  Plus having a bigger and harder erection will increase sensation and get you to finishing quicker.  Your performance is immediately improved by having your member so much more engorged but you'll have to practice with your penis pump to build up that long-lasting stamina.

What About Pumps And Erectile Dysfunction?

Penis pumps can absolutely be used to help with some forms of erectile dysfunction. Men who cannot achieve a full erection can use the device to obtain one manually. They can then enjoy intercourse and other acts as long as they remain erect.  A quick break and a quick pump and you are ready to keep going.  For some men, penis pumps make a great alternative to using erectile dysfunction medications and provide results while avoiding some of the side effects of ED medication.

Are Penis Pumps Safe?

If you are in generally good health, and you follow the instructions that come with your device, you should be fine. Just be aware that you are routing more blood to one of your body parts, that could cause some light headedness or other issues.

Also, don’t use your penis pump for too long. Stop if you feel any pain, and see a doctor immediately if you have any alarming side effects. In the meantime, keep in mind that penis pumps are widely used, and the vast majority of people experience no issues with them.

You should avoid using a penis pump if you have a blood clotting disorder, or have any sort of rod or penis extender installed. Finally, if you have had surgery to lengthen your penis, you should not use a penis pump without consulting your doctor.

If Men Have ‘Issues’ Shouldn’t They Just Focus on Their Health?

As mentioned above, not all men who use penis pumps have ED or underlying health concerns. There are many other reasons to use them. In addition to this, even men who aren’t in top shape deserve to have fulfilling sex lives. Sex is an important part of our own personal emotional balance as well as our connection with a partner.  Penis pumps have been an incredible help to those with health conditions that cannot be easily solved.  Penis pumps have been a valuable tool for men with serious medical complications such as prostate nerve damage and spinal cord injuries.

How do I Clean my Penis Pump?

The first thing to remember about keeping your penis pump clean is to always use a water-based lubricant. Oil-based lubes can stain, seep into the silicone parts, and degrade your pump over time. Water-based lubes will wash out thoroughly with very little effort.

Your penis pump should break down into several different parts. Always take it apart for cleaning. It will be easier for you to gain access to anything that needs attention. Obviously, you should keep any electronic components away from anything that would get them damp. These electronic components should be inspected and wiped down separately.

Now pay attention to the cylinder and sleeve. These are the two parts that get the messiest. You can scrub these with mild soap and cloth, or with a soft brush. Be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly. Check the instructions first, but you may be able to sanitize these parts in a very mild bleach solution. Some sellers offer cleaning and sanitizing solutions if you want to really make sure that your device is pristine.

How Do I Store My Pump?

If you choose a battery-powered pump, you should store it with the batteries removed. This helps to ensure that corrosion does not cause any electronic issues. Keep your pump somewhere that isn’t impacted by dust or dampness. Consider storing the cylinder and sleeve detached from the pump mechanism or motor. This is to avoid any damage done if humidity collects inside of the plastic cylinder.

Penis Pump Accessories

Most of the pumps we have listed come with some optional accessories. The most popular are:

Another extra that some men should consider is a constriction or C-Ring. While many guys are able to retain their increased erection on their own, long enough to enjoy sex, others need help maintaining things. A C-Ring makes that happen. After you get pumped up, you can slip the ring on and it stops blood flow from retreating out of the penis back to the rest of the body. This keeps your pumped erection firmer and more efficient - aka increasing your pleasure.  Other men use C-Rings to simply last longer. That’s important, because the pumping experience is pretty stimulating, and can leave some men pretty close to orgasm.

An Effective and Versatile Toy

There aren’t too many sex toys that can give men as many valuable services as a penis pump. Guys can use them to increase their size, to improve their erections and to gain firmer staying power. Penis pumps are also very useful and fun as solo masturbation tools. Use a penis pump to increase your pleasure while playing by yourself and to instill more self-confidence in your body and your performance.

Penis pumps are fun and versatile.  They can benefit you whether you use them with your partner or for your own personal play.  Use your pump to get bigger, stronger and harder!  It feels completely amazing.  We hope you like the pumps we have highlighted here.  We would say that our best recommendation is simply trying one out.