Your Complete Guide to Fleshlights

Best Fleshlight Sleeves, Accessories, and Tips

Let’s be honest, before the Fleshlight was invented, there really wasn't much for men in terms of portable and discreet masturbation options. There were cheap looking pocket vaginas, your hand, and whatever creative things you could find around the house (hey, we aren't here to judge). Then, Fleshlight came onto the scene and changed male masturbation forever.

Since its creation, Fleshlight has grown and created a huge variety of male masturbators. From classic strokers to interactive vibrating sleeves, there are dozens of options to consider. We’ve rounded up the best Fleshlights on the market as well as the accessories to take them to the next level. Our reviews cover key features, unique highlights, and more. We’ve made it easier than ever to find the hottest tightest and wettest fit for you.  Let's slide in shall we?

What Is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a male masturbating sleeve made from Fleshlight's patented Superskin that fits inside what looks like a flashlight case - Now do you get the name?  Superskin is soft, flexible and extremely realistic. This material is shaped into a variety of different sleeves, each with individual features that provide a uniquely intense masturbation experience.  The external portion can be one of several orifices - from a vagina or a mouth, to even something a bit more alien.  The internal textures are where things really get fun.  The inside of your sleeve can have any combination of bumps, ridges, and nodules as well as tight and open spaces to create a ridiculous amount of sensation as you slide in and out.  When it comes to masturbation, either solo or with a partner, it's a total game-changer.

Why Use A Fleshlight?

Fleshlights are so popular because they provide you with a high quality and realistic sexual experience. Men who use them get to experience a ton of sexual variety thanks to the various textures and sizes, and adjustments that are available. Does your partner turn you down when you ask for anal? There’s a fleshlight for that!

You can also use certain Fleshlights to practice and build your stamina. Spend enough time with the right Fleshlight and you can learn to control your orgasms so that you can last as long as you want. Even better, you’ll learn to improve your technique so that you can satisfy any partner.

Fleshlights are also small and discreet. Throw one in a suitcase before leaving on your next business trip, and you’ll certainly have something to help occupy your time in that lonely hotel room.

Finally, you really can’t beat the Fleshlight when it comes to sex toys for men that are both fun and budget-friendly. All of the options on this list come in at less than 100 dollars. That's a good deal when it comes to buying years of incredible orgasms.  And with just a little care, each Fleshlight can last for quite a long while.

Fleshlight Alternatives

Now we do want to say that, yes, there are definitely alternative masturbators on the market. You may see these marketed as ‘pocket pussies’, male masturbators, strokers, or masturbation cups. If money and space isn’t an issue, you could even go with a sex doll. Many men use these different options, and they are quite happy with them. Still, we really recommend giving the Fleshlight, the OG of male masturbation, a try. Even better, start a collection. The more items you have to keep you sexually satisfied, the better!

So...What Is The Best Fleshlight?!

Well, that depends on your preferences of course. There are a wide variety of Fleshlights for sale online, and we’re here to help you find the one that is the best... for YOU. Below, we’ve compiled a round-up of only quality Fleshlights. Check them out!

Fleshlight Flight Pilot


Fleshlight Flight Instructor

This product is billed as a travel-ready masturbator. It’s sleek and discreet while still providing full-sized pleasure.  Here's why we like it.

  • At around 50 dollars, it’s our first choice for budget Fleshlight
  • Super modern design
  • You can control the suction and friction easily.
  • Small and portable
  • It works as an endurance/longevity trainer in addition to being a great masturbator
  • Made with a SuperSkin sleeve that makes it feel amazingly realistic

We think this is a great starter unit for anyone who wants to see if a Fleshlight is right for them. The only downside is that this isn't a full-size Fleshlight and only has 6 inches of insertable length.  For some men, this may be fine, but if you are a bigger guy, you won't be covering your base.


Fleshlight Go Torque Ice


Fleshlight GoTorque Ice


It's immediately clear why the Go Torque Ice is one of our favorite sleeves from the Fleshlight company. We think there’s a lot to be excited about here. We really love all the see-through sleeves that Fleshlight offers.  It's just too fun to see yourself being squeezed in and out of this tight sleeve.  Plus if you are using it with a partner it can be a real turn-on for them to see how much you are enjoying being stroked. Other features include:

  • Light and compact case
  • Non-anatomical opening for more discretion
  • One-Handed grip for better solo action
  • Adjustable suction
  • Compatible with a Fleshlight sleeve warmer for an even more realistic feel
  • Reasonably priced

Our testers were all in agreement that this unit feels absolutely amazing. If there’s one complaint, it’s that the packaging isn’t quite as discreet as it could be.

Stamina Training Unit (STU)

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

This Fleshlight was designed with the specific intention of providing an over the top and ultra-intense experience.   If you can play with this sleeve and last - you'll definitely be ready for the real thing. The STU is meant to help you learn to increase your staying power, improve your technique, and has the added bonus of giving you insane orgasms. This unit has:

  • A unique and almost beaded internal texture
  • Vagina orifice
  • Realistic entry
  • Fleshlight accessory compatibility
  • Can accommodate up to 8.5 Inches
  • Attractive Gold Case
  • Access to a free eBook on developing sexual stamina

Overall, we really loved this sleeve, it's hard to put down. However, some of our testers found this sleeve to be almost too intense. Only pick the STU if you are looking for A LOT of stimulation with your stroke.


Classic Pink Lady


Fleshlight Pink Lady Original


This is it! It’s the true original. The Pink Lady is Fleshlight issue #1.

It was designed to simulate vaginal sex with a woman as closely as possible. The company really recommends this product for you if you tend to be very sensitive, or if you want the closest comparison to a natural sexual experience. Here’s a list of its features:

  • 8.5” Insertable Length
  • Tight yet smooth interior - Great for longer sessions
  • Black case to hold the sleeve
  • Realistic vaginal opening
  • Thorough care and use instructions
  • Optional Pink Butt Sleeve

We can definitely attest to the fact that this really does feel like having vaginal intercourse. We think that’s great. On the other hand, compared to some of the other more intense Fleshlight varieties, we found it to be slightly plain.

Turbo Ignition Ice


Turbo Ignition Ice

Fleshlight’s Turbo series are products made to give you an amazing whirlwind of oral sexual experience. The Turbo Ignition Ice offers you three points of insertion for a truly unique experience. Here’s what you will get:

  • The Turbo Case
  • Signature Ignition Orifice - this raised entry feels like lips when you slide in
  • Signature Ignition Texture
  • Non-Anatomical opening for a truly unique experience
  • Ice design lets you see the action
  • 8.5” Insertion Length

You can get a real variety of sensations here ranging from just stimulating the tip all the way to ‘deep-throat’ action. In fact, the interior texture is designed to mimic the lips, tongue, and throat of someone giving a blowjob.

This one was quite popular among our testers. It really does feel as close to oral sex as you can get. It’s also much more budget-friendly than some of our other picks.

The only downside with this choice is that, while the Ignition Orifice feels amazing, it's attached by a couple of pretty slim pieces of silicone.  Ours didn't have any issues but you could imagine that, over time, these may be at risk for tearing off.

Fleshlight Alien


Fleshlight Alien

This one is a bit interesting and is great for living out any science fiction themed fantasies you might have. The Fleshlight Alien is a brightly colored fleshlight that features two clitorises instead of one. It not only has a unique look but unique feel as well.  Yeah, it's kind of a novelty, but in spite of this, we found that it actually does feel REALLY good.  So, it’s certainly no gag gift. Here are its features:

  • Double clitoris opening
  • Eye-catching space-age blue color
  • Adjustable end cap to increase and decrease resistance
  • Works well for long and girthy men
  • Intense vortex entry followed by Lotus node ridges

This product tested very well among our team members. We really couldn’t find any real flaws here, unless you are turned off by the fact that the toy simply doesn’t look like anything even remotely human.

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage


Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage


The Quickshot is a bit of a departure from the other Fleshlights. While most models are made for solo play, the Quickshot is best used with a partner. Rather than having a cylindrical tube with a closed-end, this unit is open at both ends. This gives your member room to come out through the top of the unit. Because of this, many couples use this as a way to play together and add extra steamy stimulation to oral sex and handjobs.

Since this one is so different, it comes with its own set of accessories you can choose to buy. These include:

Here’s another feature our testers noticed. If you are a bit on the long side, you may find yourself ‘hitting bottom’ when you use standard masturbators. That’s not an issue here since, with the open end, you can slide it all the way up and down no matter how long you are.

Fleshlight Girls

Have you ever wanted to have sex with a pornstar? Of course you have.

The Fleshlight Girls series are male masturbators that are designed using Superskin replicas from your favorite adult starlets.  The external portion of the sleeve contains the unique vaginal mold and signature from the pornstar of your choice.  In addition to that, each star gets her own exclusive internal sleeve design to make your experience with each masturbator unique.  After a lot of play-time, we decided that these are the ladies you can't afford to miss.



Fleshlight Girls Stoya


The Stoya Destroya is one of Fleshlight’s most popular models. Stoya is such an infamous pornstar that she is one of the very few adult actresses who can be recognized by a single name.  Her "Destroya" Fleshlight sleeve is equally as infamous. It's easy to see why.  Here are some of her features:

  • Unique and varied texture for an INTENSE sexual experience
  • Pleasure providing and stamina building capabilities
  • Compatibility with many Fleshlight accessories
  • Strong and adjustable suction
  • Human safe phthalate-free material
  • Beautiful Fleshlight Girl pearl-colored case

We really enjoyed the f#%* out of this out. Literally. It feels amazing and works well with men of all sizes. Of course, we have no way of really knowing whether or not it feels like making love to a famous porn star (even though we wish we did!).  When it comes to Fleshlight sleeves, Stoya "Destroyas" the competition.

Tori Black


Fleshlight Girls Tori Black


This another sleeve that’s available from the Fleshlight Girls series. Here, you can choose between the standard, vaginal sleeve or the anal sleeve. Both are inspired by the insanely sexy pornstar, Tori Black.

Each sleeve you get not only simulates either vaginal or anal sex, but it also has Tori's signature texture. Like the other Fleshlight Girls, you won’t see this texture repeated on any other Fleshlight made available. Even better, the openings for both sleeves are exact replicas of Tori.

At under 100 dollars, this is an amazing sleeve. Tori's texture includes multiple cavities divided by tight rings.  This means that the deeper you penetrate, the more intense the sleeve stimulates. We loved testing this one out and didn’t find anything negative. The only thing we saw is that some people preferred the sleeve of a different starlet.  However, we couldn't stop playing with Tori.

Riley Reid



Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid

Honestly, we could go on and on about these Fleshlight Girls products.  In the meantime, the Riley Reid model features your choice of anal or vaginal sleeve.

This is a high-quality sleeve for a high-quality star.  This sleeve also has an intensely unique texture that isn’t replicated in any other sleeve The Utopia is a direct model of porn star Riley Reid’s vagina, and the Euphoria is the anal option. Both textures are deliciously soft, have a tight grip and feel like Riley is trying to suck the life out of you.

The Riley Reid works with a shower mount. It’s also compatible with the Fleshlight launch and the sleeve warmer. If you love Riley Reid, this is one of our favorite Fleshlights. Even if you aren't a huge fan, this is a masturbator that you will be pulling out of your collection to use over and over again.

Fleshlight Accessories

When checking out the links above, you probably noticed that there is a wide variety of fun accessories that can really add to your Fleshlight experience. Some of these additions are insane.  You can consider these sex toys for your sex toys and we are confident that they will really push you over the edge.

Fleshlight Launch


Fleshlight Launch

This is one of the many really sexy accessories for the Fleshlight Quickshot. Sometimes, you just want to lay back, relax, and let someone else do the work. Well, if there’s no ‘someone else’ nearby, you can use the Launch. This attaches to your Quickshot masturbator, and it allows you to enjoy an automated experience. The Launch can be set to the exact speed and intensity that you want. Then, you just strap in and enjoy. It even comes with a universal cell phone mount, this way you can watch your favorite videos from your phone while the Launch does all the work.

The Vstroker



The Vstroker is an experience intensifying device that brings a bit of augmented reality to your masturbation experience. It’s a device that attaches to your Fleshlight case and captures the speed and intensity of your action. This information is then communicated to a library of different Vstroker compatible videos.

Now the really hot part. The video responds to your performance. Thrust hard and fast, and the video will match your pace while the porn star moans and screams in pleasure. Slow down, and she’ll slow down too but beg you for more. It's unbelievable and we didn't last long while interacting with this content.  You also have your choice of downloading videos or subscribing to the Vstroker members area to stream content.

Fleshlight Shower Adapter

Fleshlight Shower Adapter


Let’s be honest. What guy hasn't masturbated in the shower? It’s a fun, clean and steamy way to get yourself off.  Plus you don’t have to worry about getting interrupted. You might have even already been daring and played with your Fleshlight out in the shower! Now you can take things one step further, and enjoy hands-free pleasure. The Fleshlight Shower Adapter securely attaches to the wall of your shower with a powerful suction device so that you can enjoy a stable and sexy hands-free experience.

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer


Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer


Sleeve warmers are one of those simple things that really make life SO much better. This device warms up the insides of your Fleshlight sleeves so that you can create the most realistic experience.

We have found that many heat their Fleshlight by letting it soak in warm water prior to use.  The problem with this is that you are at risk for spilling water (this scares us when close to a computer) and eventually the water and the Fleshlight cool off during your session.  With a warmer nearby you simply lube up your Fleshlight and slide it onto the warmer, wait a few moments and your toy will be hot and wet. If while you are playing your Fleshlight cools off, pop it back onto the warmer and take this time to tease yourself with your hand.

It feels amazing to alter the sensations and then slide back into a tight and warm toy. A warmer, in our opinion, could barely be called an accessory because for our play we found it to be essential. Fleshlight offers two sleeve warmers, one for standard Fleshlights and one for Quickshot products.


Fleshlight Liberator

If you are looking to create a more realistic experience you should consider a Liberator for your Fleshlight. Face it, sex is not going to be you moving your forearm and wrist in an up and down motion. Liberators are padded mounts for your Fleshlight that let you create a realistic and more intercourse-like thrusting experience by mounting your Fleshlight inside of a padded exterior.

Fleshlight Tips - Everything You Need To Know

If you take care of it, your Fleshlight can last quite a long while. Follow these tips to keep your Fleshlight clean and in great shape.

How To Clean Your Fleshlight

You need to clean your Fleshlight! We can't emphasize this enough. Honestly, it is a bit of a process. Obviously, there’s more to this than washing your hands. Fortunately, once you get the technique down, you’ll be able to finish this job in just a few minutes. Here are the steps.

  • Remove the sleeve from the fleshlight case.
  • Wash the hard case, inside and out with antibacterial soap and hot water.
  • There’s a suction cup at the bottom that gets exposed to most of your fluids. Wash that especially carefully.
  • Next, grab the sleeve and run warm water through the chamber. This is very important. No soap!
  • Rinse the sleeve with warm, running water for 30 to 45 seconds.
  • Next, you will need to stick your finger inside the sleep to scrub off any residue (wear gloves if the above step grosses you out).
  • Use your hand to block the opening on one end, and fill the sleeve with water.
  • Now, cover both ends and shake vigorously.
  • Drain the water, and flush the sleeve out again.
  • Consider purchasing and using Fleshlights' official cleaning products.
  • Blot your Fleshlight dry. We recommend placing it over something so that it can dry upright, and that any excess water drains off. Try a soft, but elongated cleaning wand.
  • Do not use a paper towel for the drying step. They will leave lint, and other bits and pieces of paper to the inside and outside of your device.

Once your Fleshlight is thoroughly dry, give it a powder. There are cleaning powders sold for this purpose. However, to be honest, these are really just corn starch. Consider picking some up at the grocery store and saving yourself a few bucks. Dust the sleeve liberally. If you don’t take this step, your Fleshlight will develop an unpleasant, sticky texture.

Note: Some people turn their sleeves inside out entirely for a very thorough cleaning. We agree that this is definitely a good way to make sure you have cleaned everything out. The bad news is that this can cause small tears. If sanitation is extra important to you, and you don’t feel comfortable being unable to verify cleanliness with your eyes, you are free to do this. Just know that you may shorten the life of your Fleshlight.

It may seem as if cleaning your Fleshlight is a long and troublesome process. The truth is, the first few times this will take a little while. You’ll want to refer to these instructions to be sure you get everything right. The good news is that after you’ve done this a couple of times, it will become a simple routine. We think the intensely realistic stimulation of using a Fleshlight makes this step worth it.  Trust us when we say this is worth the time and effort. The last thing you want is a Fleshlight sleeve or case that is covered in bacteria or mold.

What’s The Best Lube For a Fleshlight?

Never use anything but a water-based lubricant for your Fleshlight. While Fleshlight does offer their own lube, feel free to order some when picking out your Fleshlight but you can use any water-based lubricant that you prefer.

We really liked using this water-based gel from Wicked. It was a little less messy and runny than traditional lube and it gets HOT, which feels so good while stroking.

Please do not use oil-based lubricants, lotions, or other things you find around the house. Not only can they degrade the material, but they could also begin to smell rancid, or stain your product.

How To Store Your Fleshlight

People use a variety of methods to store their fleshlights. What works best depends on the humidity where you live and how long you store your unit between uses. Here are a few tips that we have found to be helpful.

  • Don’t store your Fleshlight in an airtight container.
  • Dry thoroughly inside and out before you store your Fleshlight.
  • Check your Fleshlight every couple of days to catch any moisture issues early.
  • Use a desiccant package or other moisture absorber if humidity is a problem.
  • Don’t store your sleeve inside of its case.
  • Wrap things lightly in a microfibre tea towel or something similar, or lay things on top of a handkerchief.
  • A small, lined cardboard box may be a better choice than Tupperware.

Of course, many Fleshlights are popular because they are perfect for travel. Just remember though, you should be discreet to avoid any embarrassments with the TSA. Pick a storage option that is plain and isn't labeled.  Just in case they go through your bag, you won't have to broadcast to the world that you’re traveling with sex toy.

Which One Are You Going To Try?!

Critics may claim that men already walk around with the only masturbation device they will ever need at the end of their wrists. We disagree. Your hand does not even closely represent the feel of intercourse.

Using a male masturbator or Fleshlight trains your body for the sensation of real sex! Besides, for years women have enjoyed a variety of toys and have been (rightfully!) more and more open about owning and using these devices. It’s time for men to feel the same way.

If you are looking for a great option for new masturbation experiences, then the Fleshlight is a great choice. There is a reason that Fleshlight has dominated the male masturbator category.  They provide a high-quality product and an unbelievably stimulating sexual experience for men.  Read the list above and pick one out!  You'll be happy when your calluses start to fade...because you'll never go back to using your hand again.