Vibrators For Men: The Toys That Buzz Best

Your Guide to Male Vibrators

Ah, vibrators. The subtle whirr of a vibrator has been the soundtrack to countless orgasms. Yet when you picture a vibrator your mind likely jumps to something associated with female pleasure.

You can certainly be forgiven for thinking that vibrators are only designed for the ladies but you need to know that there are an amazing variety of male vibrators - many of which feel amazing on the prostate.

In fact, there are a ton of vibrating devices designed specifically for guys. There really is  no shortage of clever ways to get men where they want to be with a bit of assistance from vibration.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience male vibrators for're missing out! We are here to show you that male vibrators are as diverse as they are fun.

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Let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

Hot Octopuss PULSE III Solo Male Vibrator Masturbator



hot octopuss pulse iii solo

If you think about what would be the quintessential male vibrator -- the device that does for men what a classic vibrator does for the ladies -- you’d probably come up with something that looks a lot like the PULSE III.

This toy is so amazing it also made it onto our list of the best male masturbators!

The PULSE III is designed for solo masturbation (though it would be equally as fun with a bit of assistance from your partner.) It consists of a sleeve designed to accommodate your member and enhance your regular masturbation sessions with waves of powerful vibration.

With the PULSE III you can select from five different modes of vibration. You can customize your experience with the adjustable speed control. Experiment with different combinations of vibration and power until you’ve dialed in the perfect pleasure position.

Vibrator Features:

  • Select from 5 different modes of vibration
  • Find the perfect feeling with adjustable speed control
  • Completely waterproof

Speaking of positioning, the PULSE III can be used as an aid to normal masturbation, or simply fitted onto the penis and left to work its magic hands-free.

Thee PULSE III also plays well with your favorite lubricants. It is rechargeable, but with its nifty space-aged magnetic charging technology, you don’t even have to worry about getting moisture in the charging port.

Vibrator Downside:

While Hot Octopuss advertises the PULSE III as being capable of fitting a penis of any size, some users report difficulty getting it around girthier cocks. Well-endowed users may want to keep this in mind.

Sir Richard’s CONTROL Warming and Vibrating Male Masturbator


Control by Sir Richard’s Silicone Twin Turbo Stroker

While you can find plenty of male vibrators on the market, few are as well equipped as Sir Richard’s CONTROL.

That’s because it has more than a simple motor. It has two. Both are precisely positioned to stimulate both the head and shaft of the penis simultaneously.

Vibrator Features:

  • Uses two motors to stimulate both the head and shaft
  • Ten different vibration options for finding the most pleasurable sensation
  • Warming feature for life-like feel

You heard us right - TEN different vibration options for finding the most pleasurable sensation the device can offer. We aren't talking small variations either, these modes range from a gentle tickle to a sensual swirl to a powerful pulse.

Not only that, you can select which of these ten modes you prefer for each motor independently. That means you can mix and match until you’ve found the perfect combination for working the entire length of your member.

While this might seem like a lot of options for a sex toy, the three button design makes it a breeze to dial in your favorite settings or experiment with new options. Combined with being waterproof and using a USB for recharging.

Sir Richard seems to have thought about just about everything.

Vibrator Downside:

Although marketed as a typical male masturbator device, Sir Richard’s CONTROL is something of a unique experience in itself. While it can be used for stroking, it has a rather shallow canal, making it somewhat more suited for use as its own unique experience, instead of being just another stroking toy.

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring


lovehoney vibrating cock ring


If you’re unfamiliar with a cock ring, it’s one of the simplest male sex toys. A traditional cock ring is usually a piece of rubber or silicone used to restrict blood from leaving the erect penis. The result? A stronger and (sometimes) larger erection. This coupled with a bit of vibration means a whole new world of possibilities.

The Lovehoney Bionic Bullet is designed to provide stimulation for both partners during sex. Slip the super stretchy black silicone over an erection just like a normal cock ring, then fire up the vibrator to take the humble cock ring to the next level.

The man wearing the Bionic Bullet is treated to a series of stimulating vibrations for the penis and testicles. Meanwhile, the top of the vibrator includes a textured pattern ideally positioned for stimulating the clitoris (or other sensitive regions) during penetration.

Vibrator Features:

  • Two different vibrations speeds
  • Three different vibration patterns
  • Stimulation for both him and her

Not only that, the vibrator is actually detachable. This means that, should the occasion arise, you can just use it as a plain old cock ring or independent vibrator as well.

Vibrator Downside:

While this bionic cock ring works fantastically for many users, it’s certainly not a one size fits all sort of device. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to adjust the positioning of the vibrating bullet, so for some couples this product could be a little hit or miss.

Colt Mighty Mouth Vibrating Masturbator


colt mighty mouth


The Colt Mighty Mouth is a male vibrator unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  We love it so much it also made our list of best male masturbators.

First and foremost, it takes its name from the numerous small “tongues” which line its interior. When activated in any of the Mighty Mouth’s 30 vibration modes, these small tongues flicker and vibrate up and down the length of the device, providing a uniquely pleasurable sensation.

Also, the Mighty Mouth has a suction cup on its exterior. With this you can attach it to any smooth surface to treat yourself to a completely hands-free vibration experience, allowing you to position the Mighty Mouth in unique ways a normal handheld male vibrator couldn’t hope to achieve.

Vibrator Features:

  • 30 vibration modes
  • Completely waterproof
  • Removable sleeve for easy cleanup
  • Suction cup for hands-free play

Since the suction cup is attached via a swiveling mechanism, you are free to play with the positioning until you find just the right spot to enjoy everything the Mighty Mouth has to offer.

Vibrator Downside:

Although the Mighty Mouth includes an expansive array of 30 vibration settings, it can be a little difficult to determine the difference between some of them. While we appreciate the variety of choices, it’s unlikely most users will use more than a few of the available options.

Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator



tracey cox male vibrator supersex


The Tracey Cox Supersex is a bit of a different twist on male vibrators. Unlike many of its competitors which are designed to add a bit of a boost to your run of the mill stroking session, the Supersex makes use of a small egg vibrator and a sleeve which fits directly over the head of the penis.

It doesn’t work the entire length of the penis, rather it focuses on the power of vibration on the super-sensitive head and glans of the penis. Being the most sensitive area of the penis, used properly the Supersex is more than capable of providing a powerful and one of a kind stimulation.

Vibrator Features:

  • Cock sleeve with multi-speed vibrating egg
  • 4 scintillating vibration speeds
  • Vibrator can be removed and used independently
  • One size fits all

Brilliantly simple to use, the Supersex requires nothing more than a bit of lube and gentle insertion. Use the four available speeds to find the perfect pulsating pleasure, or gradually ramp up the speed for a session that gets more intense as you progress towards your finish.

Vibrator Downside:

While definitely a unique experience, for men who require stimulation of the entire penis (or specifically the lower shaft,) might find the Supersex to be not quite enough to produce the full monty.


Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Male Stroker


Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Male Stroker

The Fun Factory Manta is designed to supercharge your stroking session. Made from a super smooth, sensual hypoallergenic silicone, the curved wings of the Manta alone would be enough to give you quite an enjoyable sensation even before you turn on the vibration.

But once activated, the Manta comes to life with different vibration modes and speeds to deliver irresistible waves of pleasure. Select the perfect pulsation or a nice steady vibe which infuses every stroke of the Manta with an irresistible wave of pleasure.

Vibrator Features:

  • Sleek and discreet design
  • 6 different modes of vibration
  • 6 different vibrating speeds to choose from
  • Internal ridges hold onto lube to make your glide perfect

So do you want the perfect pulsation?  Or maybe a nice steady vibration for a stroke that will give you goosebumps?

You can even put the Manta to work with your partner. Whether during penetration, a blowjob, or any other way you can imagine, the Manta can provide powerful stimulation to both partners.

What’s more, Fun Factory has designed this as a truly portable device. It is USB rechargeable, meaning no worrying about carrying around extra batteries. Our favorite little feature is a “Travel Mode” which safely locks the device from activating.  This ensures you won’t be letting off any suspicious buzzing at the airport.

Vibrator Downside:

Although the business end of the Manta is quite well thought out, the finger-loop design for holding the device can be a bit cumbersome at times. But with a bit of practice, you will find the perfect way to wield this vibrating male stroker.

BOMBEX Vibrating Prostate Massager with Cock Ring


bombex vibrating cock ring prostate massager


Feeling a bit adventurous? Men who happen to be in the know about the powers of prostate massage will tell you that it can produce some of the most powerful orgasms the male body is capable of.  In addition to the insane orgasms, prostate massages have a lot of health benefits.

Add both powerful vibration AND a cock ring to the mix and you have one of the most potent sex toys around.

This toy from BOMBEX is designed to give you all the benefits of a cock ring while simultaneously offering a powerful vibrating prostate massage.

Whether you’re using it solo or during play with a partner - this toy does it all.

While the cock ring and prostate massager are the main focus, the shaft of the toy also applies a pleasurable pressure and vibration to your perineum, adding another dimension to your play which most toys leave neglected.

Vibrator Features:

  • Two motors provide direct vibration to the prostate and perineum
  • 10 different vibration settings
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wireless remote

Insert your toy, snug up the cock ring and you’re ready to get started.  One of our favorite features of this toy has to be the wireless remote.  This means vibration control is convenient for you and can easily be given to your partner. The wireless remote works up to 32 feet away! Imagine having control of your lover's ass from across the room!

Vibrator Downside:

Although advertised as a three-in-one device, those hoping to use the cock ring will also need to be using the prostate massager simultaneously. The cock ring doesn’t provide a strong grip unless the toy is fully inserted.

Adonis Male Vibrating Stroker


10 function adonis vibrating stroker


Even before you get to the vibrations, the Adonis is a very well made sex toy. Made from an extremely flexible material, it does a great job of stretching and bending into just the right shape.

What’s more, the interior is lined with a series of nodules which provide powerful stimulation along the entire shaft. Combined with the entire devices “jelly” texture and you have a brilliant stroking aid.

Turn on the vibrating motor installed at the end of the device and prepare for an intensity that might make you fall out of your chair.

Vibrator Features:

  • Stretchy "jelly" texture for a perfect fit
  • 10 modes of vibration
  • Wired Remote

Whether you’re using it as a traditional stroker, or just setting it on your penis and allowing the vibrator to do the work, the Adonis performs admirably.

For those concerned with versatility in their sex toys, the Adonis also allows you to remove the bullet vibrator and use it independently on yourself or a partner.

Vibrator Downside:

Perhaps the main downside of the Adonis is its lack of a rapid shut off or pause feature. Turning off the vibrator requires you to cycle through the options, which can be a bit too much after finishing a session!

Mantric Male Prostate and Perineum Vibrator

Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Vibrator

We mentioned earlier that we appreciate male toys, like the Bombex vibrating massager, that add stimulation to the often forgotten perineum.

The Mantric male massager is another toy <strong>specifically designed</strong> to engage the male prostate while providing a pleasurable bit of pressure and vibrating sensation to your sensitive undercarriage.

Simultaneously rigid and just flexible enough to provide comfort, this male vibrator helps stimulate all the right areas to produce a powerful P-Spot orgasm.

Vibrator Features:

  • 7 modes of vibration - from soothing to earth shattering
  • Prostate and perineum pressure
  • Wireless remote

Speaking of the remote, it is VERY cleverly designed. The remote can be worn almost like a ring, allowing you (or a partner) to control the device without distracting from the task at hand.

Vibrator Downside:

While the toy itself is completely waterproof, the remote control is not! However, you can also control the settings from the base of the vibrator itself, giving you the control you need even during any wet and wild playtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Batteries Included?

Many of the devices we’ve highlighted in this article are rechargeable. However, there are plenty of male vibrators which require the use of disposable batteries such as AA or AAAs.

Be sure to read product descriptions closely before placing your order to make sure you know what you are getting. In terms of the vibrators themselves, it doesn’t make much difference if it is rechargeable or battery powered.

It is mostly a matter of convenience. However, it can be quite a nuisance to find you can’t use your new toy without a trip down to the store to buy batteries!

Enjoy Good Vibrations

If you find the whole idea of adding a vibrating device to your masturbation or lovemaking to be a little intimidating, don’t!

Even though vibrators might seem to be purely the domain of female sex toys, as we’ve seen with the ten options above, there is no shortage of ways for men to enjoy the stimulating possibilities of a good vibrator.

You might be surprised just how much it can add to your sexual satisfaction, whether you’re going solo or experimenting with a partner.

Always exercise a bit of caution when using new toys! Consult the instructions, use adequate lubrication, and take it slow and gentle at first. With a little bit of care, it never hurts to try new things, no matter how far out of the norm they may seem.

What’s Your Favorite Male Vibrator?

We’ve tried to keep things diverse in this piece, taking a look at all sorts of different male toys which buzz, vibrate, and humm their way to sexual satisfaction.

But the possibilities for male vibrator toys are seemingly limitless and expanding almost every day! With all sorts of clever engineers hard at work figuring out new ways to create sensuous vibrations, we’re sure to see plenty of clever new ways to vibrate your way to orgasm as the years roll by.

Did we miss your favorite male vibrator toy? We’d love to hear about it! Drop us a line in the comment section below and tell us all about how you put good vibrations to work whether you’re going it alone or experiencing your favorite toys with a partner.