The Ultimate Male Dildo Guide


Dildos for Men

Whether you're a beginner or a size queen - we've got something for everyone.

Anal pleasure has lost its taboo and everyone here at UVee Clean couldn't be happier about it! Now, more and more men are enjoying the receiving end of anal play. It’s no wonder, anal sex is something that can be enjoyed as a couple, or completely solo. Whether you are at anal pro or entirely new to all this...a quality male dildo can take your experiences to a new level.

The challenge is finding the right one for you! If you walk into a sex shop, or search male dildos online, the sheer number of choices can be a bit intimidating. There are SO many types to choose from! Big and small dildos, vibrating dildos and even dildos that operate by remote control.

So, which is best for you?! We’re here to help demystify things a bit. We’ve unboxed an ungodly number of dildos for men and done some field research. From all of that, ten worthy dildos have emerged. One of these is sure to be a perfect fit for you.

And don't forget - all of these products can be cleaned in your very own UVee HOME Play unit. This amazing patented storage and sanitation system uses UV-C light to safely purify your toys from a variety of unfriendly germs (including COVID-19). It's also got a key code lock that allows you to keep your goods away from the prying eyes of roommates or family members.

The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter

doc johnson crystal jellies anal starter

You've gotta start somewhere.

This dildo is one of many adult pleasure products from Doc Johnson. It’s categorized as an anal starter. So, if you are new to anal play, an anal starter is a great choice. This one is slender at one inch in diameter. It’s also 5.5 inches long, so not too intimidating for beginners.

This dildo is nice and streamlined. It’s clearly designed for ease of insertion. We also appreciated the wide base. This reduces the chance of the toy being ‘lost’ during particularly intense sessions.

Dildo Features

  • This dildo is smooth and sleek
  • Works perfectly with your favorite lube
  • Veined for a realistic feel

Dildo Materials:

  • Made in America using phthalate free PVC materials.
  • You can get this toy in clear, pink, or purple.


We particularly liked that this dildo works well for sex with a partner and self-servicing. Even a first timer should be able to use this with just a bit of practice and relaxation. It’s also an ideal toy for people who prefer discrete, occasional anal play because it is small enough to be easily tucked away.

Dildo Downside:

  • This one is a bit one the soft side. Some users have reported difficulty with insertion because of this.


The P Spot Male Dildo by Tantus

tantus p spot dildo

Tantus is a well-known producer of sex toys. One of its most popular offerings is the P-Spot Male Dildo. This 7 inches long, 1.7 inches wide toy brings intense anal pleasure by providing amazing prostate stimulation. This dildo is large enough for even experienced men to get the pleasure they need without being intimidatingly big.

This dildo has a slight curve with a balled tip. The rounded tip is angled perfectly to hit your P-spot just right and induce an insane amount of pleasure.

Dildo Features:

  • The Tantus male dildo isn’t made to look or feel realistic. That’s perfectly fine with us.
  • This toy is specifically engineered to provide intense, prostate massaging action.

Dildo Materials:

  • This is made from pure silicone which is perfectly safe to use.
  • Caring for this dildo is exceptionally easy. It can be placed in the dishwasher, boiled, even bleached.
  • Alternatively, throw it in your UVee HOME Play unit after you're done playing to get a perfectly clean toy in 10 minutes.

This is great for partner play or going solo. The only caveat to that is that beginners may need help getting it fully inserted the first few times. It takes lube and relaxation, but before long you can be well on your way to eye-rolling orgasms.

Dildo Downside:

This is definitely a pleasurable product that provides great prostate stimulation. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to achieve that prostate only orgasm that so many men want to experience.

If you want to find more toys that hit that prostate just right, check out our list of the absolute best prostate massagers.

Buck Vixskin

 vixskin buck realistic silicone dildo

Vixen Creations made a realistic dildo that can be used to create some amazing anal experiences for men. It’s 6 inches long, and 2 inches in diameter. That’s a good size if you prefer to have a bit of girth. It’s made to look and feel like a penis, but also includes a slight angle to also include some delicious prostate contact.

Dildo Features:

  • The Vixskin is veined like a real shaft is. It has a fleshy, realistic feel with a decidedly firm core.
  • It can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution, placed in the dishwasher, boiled, or cleaned with antibacterial soap and water.
  • You can also throw it in the UVee Clean after you're done - less work after you're exhausted following your fun!


Dildo Materials:

  • This body-safe product contains no phthalates.
  • It’s hypoallergenic and comes in your choice of colors.
  • It also comes in a cylindrical container that can be kept for storage.

This bad boy is girthy, so it definitely requires a good amount of lube. However, once insertion is achieved, it’s amazingly pleasurable.

Dildo Downside:

The veins and ridges are there, but they aren’t very noticeable when this toy is in action. If you love texture, this may not be for you.

American Bombshell Dildo or Butt Plug

doc johnson american bombshell dildo

Speaking of girth! This Doc Johnson product is a total beast. It’s nearly 11 inches long with a diameter of 3.2 inches. It also conveniently has a suction cup base. The suction cup is great for self-service action and to try sex from some interesting angles. It also works in a harness with an O-ring attachment for strap-on fun!

Dildo Features:

  • The American Bombshell is shaped and veined like a realistic penis. However, it is much larger than normal and comes in a very masculine gunmetal gray.
  • It is body safe and vac u lock compatible.
  • Can be cleaned with standard anal toy cleaning methods. Wash with disinfecting soap and hot water, soak in a mild bleach solution, or put it in the dishwasher.
  • It's also big enough for a UVee HOME Play unit, which has dimensions of 16.4" x 8.75" x 5".

Dildo Materials:

  • This dildo is constructed using phthalate free materials.
  • It’s made from PVC material, using antibacterial silagel formula.

If you want to experiment with larger toys, this is a good starting place. It’s definitely big and a good way to start working your way up.

Dildo Downside:

It definitely arrives with a bit of ‘newly manufactured material’ smell. We found that a good initial cleaning helped immensely.

Fuze Velvet Dildo

fuze velvet dildo purple

Pegging was once a taboo topic. However, that is not the case anymore! Many couples engage in this erotic form of anal sex that allows men to experience intense pleasure. Pegging also empowers women and allows them to have new sexual experiences too. The Fuze Velvet dildo is designed specifically for pegging.

Dildo Features:

  • The Fuze Velvet is thin and not too long.
  • It has veins and a nice head but it's overall rather smooth. We'd call it semi-realistic and in this case, that's probably a good thing. Some hetero men aren’t thrilled with the idea of a totally realistic looking penis.
  • The size is perfect for pegging beginners. Insertion and introductory play are quite easy and the textured base adds to the wearer's pleasure. When used it provides GREAT clitoral stimulation.

Dildo Materials:

  • The unique feature here is the velvety surface of this dildo. It’s made of safe medical grade silicone.
  • It also has an opening to accommodate a vibrating egg.
  • Cleaning instructions are standard. Use hot water and antibacterial soap, or place it in the dishwasher. Both water and oil based lubes are fine.
  • Or, better yet, throw it into a UVee Clean unit for a perfectly clean dildo in 10 minutes!

This is a great dildo for introducing anal play for men. We really enjoyed the upward angle of this toy in a strap on harness. Too many strap-on toys angle downwards which can cause difficulty with insertion.

Dildo Downside:

  • Using a vibrator is definitely a fun addition. However, it can sometimes get a bit stuck. Insert your egg vibrator with a bit of lube to help.

KINK by Doc Johnson Ultraskyn 8 Inch

doc johnson ultraskyn 8 inch dildo

This is another amazing Doc Johnson product. It’s made with dual-density construction. That means it has a firm interior AND a softer exterior. This combined with veins and a nice head gives this toy a highly realistic feel. This is a large toy too, with 8.8 inches total length and 2 inches in diameter.

Dildo Features:

  • This is one of the most realistic toys we have encountered.
  • It has a suction base for wall attachment and is Vac u lock compatible for strap-on play.
  • The makers of this definitely created it with both couples and solo flyers in mind.

Dildo Materials:

  • This dildo is made with TPE that is body safe and feels extraordinarily realistic.
  • It can be cleaned with antibacterial soap, a dedicated toy cleaner, or inside your UVee Clean unit.

If you’re interested in intense, anal action with a realistic cock, you can’t go wrong here. It’s also shipped in very discreet packaging. So, no worries about your postman or neighbors taking a peek.

Dildo Downside:

  • Be sure to save the original packaging, and don’t store this with other toys. Contact between TPE and silicone toys can actually cause damage to your dildo and other products.

Adam Champ Uncut Dildo For Men

adam champ lifelike uncut dildo

Have you ever fantasized about getting an intense pounding from a famous porn star? Adam Champ is a famous, South American porn star and this dildo is made from a real life casting of his penis. If you’ve ever seen this macho muscular stud in action, you know exactly what you’re in for. It’s not every day that you find an uncut male dildo. If that’s your preference, you are in luck!

Dildo Features:

  • Not only does this dildo have a foreskin, but it’s also exceptionally realistic.
  • It comes with a suction cup base that allows you to attach it to any wall or other smooth surfaces.
  • This piece feels great and is perfect for enacting your favorite porn star fantasies.


Dildo Materials:

  • This is constructed with lifelike PVC that is phthalate free.
  • Each unit is finished by hand for the best possible quality.
  • Keep your dildo clean with a sex toy cleaning solution. You can also use antibacterial soap or your UVee HOME Play.

Uncut cock lovers will absolutely love this dildo. Why not give one of your more exotic fantasies a try!

Dildo Downside:

  • This is a little bit pricey. Well worth it, but perhaps out of budget for a first-time player.

Smoky Jade Curved Glass Dildo

hamsa glass dildo smoky jade

Do you prefer a curved tip for smooth entry and even p-spot stimulation? Would you rather experience the excitement of a thicker and more rigid head? If you’d like to try both, versatility is the name of the game when it comes to PRISMS' Smoky Jade Curved Glass Dildo. This glass dildo is so beautifully crafted, it is almost a work of art.

Dildo Features:

  • Glass dildos come with a lot of benefits and one of those benefits is durability. Take care of this, and it could last for years.
  • Even better is that these are SO easy to clean. You never have to worry about chemical reactions with a glass dildo!
  • To really try something unique, consider temperature play. Place this in iced water for a shockingly, thrilling experience. Warm it up for an equally pleasurable session in the bedroom.
  • Also because it's glass you'll also notice that your lube goes further and lasts longer.

Dildo Materials:

  • Made from beautifully blown glass that is silky smooth.
  • Deep jade color adds a level of class and sophistication

This smooth, glass dildo is a total of 7.5 inches. The beaded end is 3 inches. The smooth end is 4.5 inches. This dildo is sure to provide a smooth, streamlined anal experience.

Dildo Downside:

  • Some men prefer just a bit more depth. Know your preferences before you make your decision.

Tantus Silk Dildo - Medium

tantus silk dildo medium

The Tantus line of silk dildos are smooth, slender, and perfect for beginners. The medium sized option is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy an anal experience with an averaged sized member. These can also be used as anal dilators if you are trying to work your way up and increase your ‘capacity’.

Dildo Features:

  • The Tantus Silk Dildo is completely smooth. It enters easily but still provides an intensely pleasurable experience.
  • This toy is harness compatible and perfect for amazing pegging sessions.
  • The Tantus dildo also comes in small or large sizes depending on your preference.

Dildo Materials:

  • This is 100% premium silicone. The material is environmentally friendly.
  • It’s also very easy to clean. You can boil it, use antibacterial soap, throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher, or toss it into the UVee Clean for an easy, hassle-free sanitation.
  • It works best with a water based lube.

This is a real confidence builder. It’s perfectly safe, and a great toy for introducing anal play into your naughty-time routine.

Dildo Downside:

  • If you learn to love anal play, you may find yourself wanting to upgrade to the large before too long.

Vac U Lock Dildo Starter Set

doc johnson vac u lock ultraskyn starter set

If you’re ready to go all-in when it comes to anal play, check out Doc Johnson’s Vac U Lock Dildo Starter Set. It really has everything you need for both solo anal sex and anal action with a partner.

For one price in one package you get:

  • Three cocks, butt plugs, o-rings, and a harness. You also get lubricants and cleaning products!
  • ALSO, once you buy this, you can also swap out other Vac U Lock compatible toys.

Dildo Features:

  • Extremely stable, comfortable and easy to use. While other strap-on toys seem flimsy and unstable, you’ll be able to use this toy in even the most intense fucking sessions.
  • With so many options you can experiment with different cocks and butt plugs so that you can determine which sensations give you the most pleasure.

Dildo Materials:

  • These are made with Doc Johnson’s famous Ultraskyn material. Each accessory feels realistic and works well with your favorite lubricant.
  • Everything packaged here is phthalate free.
  • The harness is durable and will fit a wide range of body types.

If you love anal play and want great variety without the fuss of ordering from multiple places - give this unit a try!

Dildo Downside:

  • It can take some people a bit of time to master the Vac U Lock system. Once you do, you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Normal to Enjoy Anal Play?

Absolutely! All men have a prostate gland, and many learn that anal penetration is a great way to experience amazing new sensations. Straight guys, bi guys, even trans guys can enjoy anal sex.

Is it Safe?

Take it slow, relax, and use plenty of lube. Know your limits. Use quality sex toys. Work up to larger sizes. Stop if you experience intense pain or other negative symptoms. Get to know your body. As long as you follow these rules, you should be perfectly fine.

How do I Introduce The Idea of Anal Sex to my Partner?

Be sensitive and understanding, this may be a taboo subject for some. If your partner is going to be on the receiving end, he may be a bit nervous about this. If he’s straight, he might question if this sort of activity diminishes his masculinity. Be patient and reassuring with your partner and foster a safe place to experiment and grow together. If you can find some hot porn with a great anal scene, you may be able to get your partner really turned on to the idea. Finally, don’t ask to give if you aren’t willing to receive! Fair is fair!

What Lubes Are Best For Use With My Dildo?

That depends. Some are okay with an oil based lube. Others should only be used with water based lubricants. It’s important that you read your product instructions and follow them to the letter. This choice can seriously impact the quality and longevity of your anal toys.

How do I Clean my Dildo?

You must clean your dildo thoroughly after each use. The most common methods include boiling, placing it in the dishwasher, bleaching, using sex toy cleaners or the soap and water method. Whichever method you choose, be sure to dry your dildo after each use. Some people even leave their dildos wrapped in a lint-free, tea towel between uses.

Just remember one key rule. Once an anal toy always an anal toy. Even if your dildo appears to be perfectly clean, it likely still has some bacteria on it. Do not attempt to use it for vaginal penetration.

Because of this presence of bacteria, we HIGHLY recommend checking out a light-based sanitizer like the aforementioned UVee Clean. Again, not only will it  kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria on your toys, it makes for a classy way to store any of your sex toys.

What About Storage?

This is an important decision as well. Good storage practices help ensure that your sex toys are discretely tucked away. This can also help your dildos to last longer. If your dildo came in a permanent case, use that for storage. Otherwise, wrap your dildo and store it separately from other sex toys. Toys that are stored together can stain one another. They can have other chemical reactions as well.

How Much Should You Spend on a Dildo?

Prices really vary! You may spend under 30 dollars for a male dildo. You can certainly spend double or triple that. If you aren’t sure anal action is for you, try a cheaper yet high-quality model. If you enjoy the experience, you can always upgrade. Who knows, you may end up with quite the varied collection of anal toys.

So Are You Turned On Now?

We are! Dildos for men come in all shapes and sizes. They’re made for solo, straight, and gay experiences as well. Whether you want a smooth and slender dildo for a beginner or a massive cock made for a size queen, one of these ten toys is going to be perfect for you!