Hi Lover!

I have kind of a personal question for you: Are you doing it right?

No, not that “it…” You listen to my show – of COURSE you’re doing THAT right!

What I mean is, are you effectively cleaning your toys after you play with them? Here’s the deal… if not cleaned properly, a lot of harmful bacteria can hang around on your toys – especially in the nooks and crannies. And guess what, simply running your toys under hot water won’t do the trick.  Even a trip through the dishwasher can’t eliminate all that bacteria.

That’s why my friends at UVee have created the world’s first sanitizer scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria commonly found on pleasure products. It uses ultraviolet light to destroy the bad stuff, plus it charges and discretely stores your toys at the same time! And they have two different sizes. This is seriously like a dream come true for me.

Want to learn more? Just Click Here.

Here’s to good, clean fun!



P.S. My friends at UVee have a special offer for my listeners. Use code “EMILY” for 15% off on your very own UVee system. How awesome is that?

Only UVee’s patent-pending UV-C light storage system effectively kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs that may cause infection

UVee with Dr. Emily Morse