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I chose this title for my blog for many reasons. If you are like me, you dread going into your closet. It’s usually a mess and in serious need of organization, it may be a reminder of the investment you made in a wardrobe you hope you will once again fit into, or it may be the place you put everything you don’t know where else to store. I once did a keynote speech entitled “Clean Your Closet- Clear Your Mind,” which was my way of telling people how to help declutter their their mind so that great things can happen. And that is what I was able to do in starting UVee by Clean Light Laboratories. Thirty-three years after starting my advertising and public relations agency, The Martz Agency, I sold it to Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy. Almost two years later I was able to declutter my mind for the first time in decades and think about what I wanted to do next. What an opportunity that was! I knew the next chapter in my life had to include something that was challenging, creative, and something out of my comfort zone. UVee has done exactly that! I founded UVee the same year I turned 60 and introduced the World’s First Sanitizing, Charging, and Locked Storage System to the adult toy industry. This was definitely out of my comfort zone! Two years later, we have a great product on the shelves and I have brought a product to market that can truly make a difference in any adult’s life. Not only through making sure that we provide a scientifically proven method to sanitize toys, but now we also have a voice and platform to educate people and make a difference in their overall health.

sex toy cleanerThis two year journey has proven one thing to me- staying sexually healthy changes your life and as some doctors say, can even extend it. Using pleasure products to keep couples interested in an active sex life, as a replacement if you don’t have a partner, as a way to reengage your libido from an illness, or just because CURIOSITY IS A GREAT THING! Toys can be a healthy way to increase intimacy and excitement in your life- if you sanitize them and store them properly. That is our mission at Clean Light Labs. We are empowering people to enjoy their pleasure products knowing that they are sanitized, safe and ready to use when the mood strikes. I am a huge advocate for empowering, women in particular, to take charge of their sexual health and share with my friends how wonderful it feels to be sexually healthy. I am a lot of fun at a cocktail party- that’s for sure! Even my guy-friends ask some great questions!

Back to my closet. It’s is mostly organized now, and I am excited to talk about the many things I am learning and enjoying in this incredible new venture. I will share my favorite toys from companies like LELO and We-Vibe, my favorite “sexperts” like Dr. Emily Morse host of “Sex with Emily”, and books I love like “Yes You Can” by Dr. Barb DuPree. I will also share lessons I’ve learned, favorite stories that have been shared with me, and maybe even a few business tips for other entrepreneurs, like me, who reinvent themselves and enter into the sexual health industry. I know you are out there! My life is definitely different now, but I know whatever happens this company is going to disrupt the way people think about not only how they are caring for their toys, but also the reasons why you should use them. I would love to hear from you along the way. And while my closet is organized and my head is clear- I still can’t give away my skinny jeans- there is always hope…





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