UVee was founded by Mother/Daughter team Carrie Martz and Brooke Martz O’Connor. The passion behind UVee and Clean Light Laboratories is to find better ways to help people enjoy the use of their adult toys in a cleaner and healthier environment by empowering customers to take care of themselves by properly taking care of their toys.

Founder, Carrie Martz with 30+ years of experience in advertising, marketing and branding, sold her agency in 2013 to Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy™  After trying out retirement for a few months she was bored and looking for something exciting to do. Bringing her own product to market had always been a dream of hers. Having been the marketing guru behind the successful launch of ZhuZhu Pets™as well as Yurbuds™ she was definitely well equipped to introduce a product but needed the right one.

The “ah hah” moment came when her daughter Brooke was pregnant and reading mom blogs about the use of toys and potential cause for infection during pregnancy. There were no safe solutions. After talking with gynecologists, a microbiologist, UV-C light experts, adult toy industry specialists and even a trip to China to visit with factories, the mother daughter team invented UVee. Not unlike the need to sanitize your toothbrush, UVee provides a definite benefit to adult toy users. The concept of UVee was introduced at AVN at Las Vegas in 2016 and received great response and feedback. UVee is now available at major adult retailers after 18 months of product design and development.

Our Founders

@Carrie Martz


With a thirty five year track record of successfully building brands through a variety of marketing vehicles, Carrie has made a name for herself by thinking outside the traditional and expected.

@Brooke Martz O’Connor


Brooke has a 10 year history in developing unique promotional product campaigns and support for traditional marketing programs. After spending almost 10 years as Sales Manager for Martz Agency Promotional Products Group she opened her own specialty company – B2B Promotional Group. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to independent businesses.