Clean Light Laboratories debuts UVee at AEE

The world’s only sanitizer and charger case for adult toys.

A Cleaner Way To Get All Charged Up

January 19, 2016. Clean Light Laboratories LLC announced today the introduction of UVee™, the world’s only sanitizing and charging system for adult toys. Now you can sanitize, charge and safely store all your pleasure products and have them ready and clean when you are.

Let’s talk dirty. Dirty being your sex toys after a good session. Dirty being your vibrators squeezed into your top drawer. Dirty being your dildo shared with a partner. Dirty from who knows what.

Now it’s time to come clean: UVee™ was made exclusively for adult pleasure products. Available in two sizes, UVee™ is made of special sturdy antimicrobial plastic and uses non-toxic, UVC which kills up to 99% of harmful bacteria that may be found on adult toys. UVee™ is also a charger and toy storage unit, keeping your toys clean and charged and safely stored after use. Like nothing else on the market today, UVee™ will be on display at the upcoming AEE and available this Summer to consumers.

“The adult toy cleaning options on the market today do not adequately clean let alone sanitize the surfaces of every toy,” shared Clean Light Laboratories president, Carrie Martz. “UVee™ patent pending technologically advanced system virtually eliminates any possibility of bacteria left on adult toys after use. Only UVC light can kill the harmful bacteria that may be found on toys after use,” continued Martz.

Improper cleaning can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Other products and manufacturers recommended cleaning solutions may clean the toys but do not sanitize them.

Clean Light Laboratories conducted several focus groups of retailers, consumers and even gynecologists. All gave a big thumbs up to UVee™ as a much needed universal solution to a serious issue.

With two sizes available, there’s a UVee™ for everyone. The smaller, compact UVee™, Go Play, cleans, charges and stores smaller, mini vibrators of the most popular models. The larger, table top size, Home Play, sanitizes and can charge multiple toys at the same time such as popular Rabbit vibes and many others. The Home Play also includes a locking system for safe keeping. With multiple charging systems inside you should never have a problem with a toy running out of juice.

“People use many sizes of adult toys so I know giving them an option of UVee™ sizes made the most sense,” Carrie continued. “With the stylish, smooth, black and silver trimmed case, no one will ever know what’s inside, keeping your secret safe and sanitary. I can’t wait to bring UVee™ to the AEE show and unveil it to the world!”

Pricing will be available at the Clean Light Laboratories booth. For more information about UVee™ and Clean Light Laboratories, contact Carrie Martz 1-800-494-1227 or go to UVeeToys.com.

UVee™is a trademark of Clean Light Laboratories

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